How to get the Free Fire Skull Rocker Bundle.


Free Fire hosts new events on a regular basis to give players the opportunity to win exciting prizes. These in-game items, ranging from bundles to loot crates, can be obtained for free by completing missions.

To commemorate the launch of Free Fire Max, Free Fire has organized yet another event in which players can exchange Max Tokens for prizes. On September 28, 2021, a new battle royale game was released.

The new event began today, September 30, 2021, and will end on October 11, 2021 (4:00 AM IST). Players can exchange Max Tokens for the Skull Rocker Bundle by participating in the new event in Free Fire.

$00 Step 2: They must then tap on Max Mission, which is located under Max the Fire.

Step 3: Players must use Max Tokens to redeem the following rewаrds:

Random Load Out Loot Crate – 1 Max TokenLively Beast Weapon Loot Crate – 4 Max TokensCraftland Room Card for one match (Players can use this to customize their own Craftland room) – 4 Max TokensSkull Rocker Bundle – 15 Max Tokens Fans of Harry Potter will be ecstatic to get their hands on the bundle, which has a strong Slytherin vibe.

Max Tokens

Little is known аbout how to get Mаx Tokens, which cаn be used to redeem the rewаrds offered by this Free Fire event.



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