“Hot girl hair” is less a style and more a mindset. Refer to French women: how else can they turn tousled bed hair into such a chic look, if not by sheer willpower and an insistence on looking hot?

There are some styles, however, that come into fashion every summer and dominate as the Hot Girl Hair of the year. Some years it’s a sleek bob, others it’s a long curly blowdry. So far this year we’ve had our fair share of trends vying for dominance – the curtain bang, the shag, the wolf cut, the mullet – but the true hot girl hair has finally revealed itself.

It’s the 70s curly blowdry.

Heavy curtain bangs, lots of layers and heaps of volume, you’ve probably seen it on TikTok or Instagram by now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. With the 70s a major style inspiration heading into autumn, it might just be the hair update you’ve been looking for.

Here, we ask Megan of Brown Sugar salon in Dublin to break down the look, what to ask your stylist for, how to style it yourself and look at why this is trending right now.

What are some trending styles you’ve had a lot of people come in and request?
Styles people have requested in the salon are 100% the shag hair cut, curtain bangs, very layered and voluminous.

There’s a 70’s inspired blowout style trending on TikTok now, with influencer Matilda Djerf best known for this look. How would you describe it?
Matilda Djerf, I have seen her shown to me in pictures more then I can count on my fingers! So many clients coming into me with pictures of this girl. The 70’s blowdry, with the big curtain bangs is 100% a crowd pleaser at the moment in the salon. Best described as big, sexy and voluminous. I love 70’s hair styles. I think the big textured look is in at the moment, instead of what used to be most popular, the very polished curly blowdry.

What is the inspiration behind it, are there any classic celebrity looks or current celebs who are wearing it?
The inspiration behind this look in my opinion is the likes of Cindy Crawford in the 90’s. Big gorgeous bouncy hair. Current celebs who are wearing it, JLo rocked it for a while. When I think of curtain bangs I also think of Alexa Chung.

Why do you think this look is particularly popular now?
I think this look is so popular at the moment because of Matilda Djerf on TikTok. It’s show people this look can be achieved at home.

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What should you ask your hairstylist for if you want this look?
When asking your stylist I would ask for curtain bangs, layers and texture, a shag haircut. Also I would ask clients to show me a picture.

How can you recreate this style at home?
You could recreate this look at home with roller brushes, or even curling the hair with a curler and clipping each curl up. Prepping the hair with product is key, and letting the curl set. Getting a soft bristle brush combing out the curls and spraying the hair with a texture spray. Play around with the hair, the bigger the better.

Is this best suited to people with straight hair or a bit of a curl?
I think it’s best suited for thicker, mid-length to long hair. When the hair is too straight and flat the haircut is lost.