How to Get Tickets to Kanye’s ‘Donda’ Listening Party in Chicago

If you’ve been following the rollout of Kanye West’s 10th studio album, “Donda,” you’re likely familiar with the fact that at this point in time the album has seen multiple different iterations and several listening parties teasing its release. Now, despite still not officially dropping the album (yet), Kanye is once again hosting a listening party for it. This time, however, the party is taking on a new home: Chicago’s Soldier Field.

So, how exactly do fans go about purchasing tickets to the next Kanye listening party, and what other related details do we know about what may go down so far? Keep reading to find out.

How do you get tickets to Kanye’s next listening party?

Although it may usually seem like a drawn-out hassle to purchase anything that Kanye releases, the way to go about attending his listening parties has remained as relatively straightforward as most (in-demand) concerts. Fans looking to be in attendance at the August 26, 2021, show hosted at Soldier Field, dubbed “Kanye West Presents: The Donda Album Experience,” need only to queue up on Ticketmaster just as they would for any other show.

The event page, which can be found here, states that tickets will go on sale via the distributor on August 20, 2021, at 1 p.m. EST. Like the other listening parties that he has hosted in the last few weeks, it’s likely that the first round of tickets to be sold will be to Soldier Field season ticket holders, with more general release tickets being made available as the afternoon goes on.

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Ticketmaster is advising potential buyers to arrive at the site 10 minutes prior to the posted release time so that they can enter the queue and be in a better position to secure the tickets they’d like.

For the events held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, tickets typically ranged from about $20 to $80 for general seats, although nothing has been confirmed by Kanye or the venue with regard to pricing for this particular show.

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What do we know so far about Kanye’s fourth listening party?

Like most of Kanye’s recent projects, the air of secrecy that surrounds his Chicago listening party is as thick as they come. Aside from a now-deleted plain-font message posted by Kanye on Instagram confirming that the event is happening, details about the actual plans for what may occur during the show are being kept under tight wraps.

It’s worth noting, however, that the name for this listening party, “Kanye West Presents: The Donda Album Experience,” deviates from the previous events that did not include the verbiage “Album Experience” in their name. The current widely accepted theory regarding the multiple listening parties is that Kanye is using them as ways to gauge crowd reactions to his new songs and make tweaks as needed.

This makes a lot of sense taking into account the massive sonic leaps the songs previewed at each event have had from one another. Furthermore, the name switch to an “Album Experience” may indicate that he is finally done making changes and will be presenting the final album at Soldier Field.

Of course, nothing in the world of Kanye West is confirmed until he says it is, so fans will just have to eagerly await more details from the artist himself as the event date draws closer.

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