How to Get Verified on TikTok — It’s Not so Simple

According to TikTok’s official page, a verified account means the company has confirmed that the user is exactly who they claim to be.

“TikTok’s verified badge is an easy way for notable figures to let users know they’re seeing authentic content, and it helps to build trust among high profile accounts and their followers,” the page reads. “For celebrities, non-profits, or official brand pages, this badge builds an important layer of clarity with the TikTok community.”

A verified badge on TikTok will appear next to the creator’s username when their videos show up in your feed and on their profile. If there is not a blue checkmark next to their name, then the profile is not verified by TikTok.

That, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean that the profile doesn’t belong to the public figure it claims to — just that TikTok has not personally verified that the person behind the profile is who they claim to be.

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