How to Make Carbone Chef’s Easy and Quick Pasta Dish

Per Carbone’s advice, I sprinkled bread crumbs on top before taking my first bite — and the penne was so delicious and light

Carbone’s penne with spicy shrimp is a great light pasta for summer.

Anneta Konstantinides/Insider

I thought just penne and shrimp might be a little too plain, but Carbone’s recipe packs plenty of flavor — and heat.

The arrabbiata sauce and chili flakes give everything a nice kick, but it’s not overwhelming. Even my dad, who isn’t huge on spicy food, said it was the perfect amount of heat.

And both my mom and I agreed that it was a great light pasta dish for a hot summer night.

“It reminds me of eating spaghetti and fish by the beach in Greece,” she told me.

But I do believe that everything is better with cheese, especially feta. I added some on top — along with some freshly ground black pepper — and loved the extra bite it gave to the penne.

While I’ll have to hold out until my next NYC trip for Carbone’s spicy rigatoni, his delicious penne and shrimp is a cheap and easy dish to get you through the last few weeks of summer. Bon appetit!

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