How to Make Easy Deviled Eggs

  • Deviled eggs are a simple yet charming snack or appetizer that only take a few ingredients to make.
  • After you boil your eggs, separate the eggs from the yolks and use the yolks to make your filling.
  • Customize your deviled eggs with your favorite flavors and add-ins like chopped pickles and pork rinds.
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Deviled eggs are a hop, skip, and a jump away from hard-boiled eggs, but feel more charming and refined. Two hard-boiled eggs with a salad for lunch is spartan, but a small plate of deviled eggs with a salad is fancy. 

And, while they became popular in the US in the 1950s, spiced boiled eggs date back to Ancient Rome. Their devilish name comes from an early English term for dishes that were either spicy, well-spiced, or cooked at high heat.

They also happen to be both simple to prepare and extremely customizable. For more on how to prepare your perfect deviled egg, we spoke with Mason Hereford, chef and owner at Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans, a 2019 James Beard Award Semifinalist and one of the most important restaurants of the decade by Food & Wine.

Variations on the classic

Deviled egg halves topped with salmon roe sitting in individual silver serving spoons

Get fancy and top your deviled eggs with salmon roe.

AnjelaGr/Getty Images

  • For a fluffier filling, Hereford suggests using a food processor or pushing the yolks through a fine mesh strainer, then whisking the ingredients together.
  • Turkey and the Wolf garnishes their deviled eggs with fried chicken skins, homemade hot sauce, and fresh dill.
  • If you like tangier flavors, consider mixing a splash of pickle juice or caper berry brine into the filling, along with chopped pickles or caper berries. Start small, then taste to see how you like the flavor. You can always add more, but it’s hard to take out too much.
  • Add chopped jalapeño or hot sauce into your filling for an extra kick.
  • Add texture by topping with pork rinds — a favorite of Hereford’s — chopped bacon, frizzled onions, or potato chips.
  • Use your imagination! Other possible add-ins include blue cheese, gochujang, chopped kimchi, ranch powder, smoked salmon, fish roe, and whatever else you could possibly dream of.

How to store deviled eggs

If you assemble them and then stash them in the fridge, deviled eggs can oxidize, meaning they turn some weird shades of green and brown that none of us ever want to see on our eggs. They also can toughen up.

But, says Hereford, “Deviled eggs can be kept around longer than one would think if you wait to assemble them.” He recommends submerging the egg whites in cold water in the fridge and keeping the yolk filling in a separate container. Still, the components should be used within five to six days.

Insider’s takeaway

Deviled eggs may very well be the perfect snack. They’re as timeless as they are customizable, and don’t take long to prepare. Part of their charm lies in personalizing them to you and your guests, though, so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

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