How To Open Your Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is the foundation of your body. Physically, the root chakra provides balance and support to the body, while, emotionally, it provides a sense of security and survival, according to Well + Good. The root chakra helps you secure basic physical and emotional needs like food, water, shelter, safety, and security. The outlet notes that your root chakra is blocked if you are feeling especially anxious, or suffer from an anxiety disorder, having nightmares, or experiencing issues with your colon, bladder, lower back, legs, or feet. According to Holistic Harmony, you might also find that you’re having trouble setting healthy boundaries in your life if your root chakra is blocked.

To open your root chakra, Well + Good spoke to two reiki masters who suggested a number of remedies that include rubbing a metal spoon on your foot to activate grounding energy. You can also activate this energy by using black, green, or red grounding crystals like onyx, hematite, and red agate, and grounding essential oils like sandalwood, eucalyptus, and ginger. Simply spending time in nature could also do some good. “These connections to the earth and nature often help the root chakra tone itself, strengthening and releasing any stuck energy that it’s holding,” Reiki master Brian Brunius said. And finally, if those solutions don’t work, saying positive affirmations about your body and self might also help your root chakra remain open.

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