How To Prepare For Season 6

Lucifans need to prepare for the end. Yes, the final, “final” season is fast approaching. Netflix is dropping Lucifer Season 6 soon. That means that these are final episodes of a show that has certainly gone on a journey. Starting off on Fox, and ending up saved by Netflix, this little police procedural show, with a devilish twist has won the hearts of many.

Are you prepared for the final season of Lucifer Season 6?

Lauren German, Tom Ellis Call Lucifer Ending ‘Bittersweet’

Lucifer Season 6 is coming soon. Netflix will drop the final 10 episodes of the iconic show on Friday, September 10. Tom Ellis and Lauren German talked to TVLine about their journey. Tom Ellis revealed that the show had gone through some major stages. Between the first two seasons, they went from unknown to “we love Lucifer.”

After Season 3, Fox shocked Lucifans by canceling the series. However, fans went to social media. There became a huge Twitter campaign. The show was saved. Ellis admits “I was thinking, ‘Gosh this seems a helluva lot more popular than Fox thinks it is.’”

Lucifer Season 6 Is The ‘Final, Final’ Season

Although Lucifer Season 5 was called the final season, Season 6 is truly the final “final” season. The show will end with the last 10 episodes. Moreover, this season will be a “love story” to the fans. These fans stuck with the series through thick and thin. Now, they want to show their appreciation.

Black Lives Matter Episode

Although Lucifer Season 6 will have a lot of heavenly romance, comedy, and some drama, there will be something very timely. They are going to have a Black Lives Matter episode.

Before Season 6 began filming, showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich spoke to ET about the Black Lives Matter events. As Lucifer is a police procedural show, they felt that they needed to include an episode addressing some of the current issues.

First of all, Ildy Modrovich never revealed what criticisms that Lucifer received after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. However, she did admit that there is a lot of criticism over police shows. Moreover, there has been some criticism of Lauren German’s character, Chloe Decker. So, they are addressing it.

Modrovich explained that when the Lucifer Writer’s Room got together to discuss the essence of the show, they all confirmed that this was a “cop show.” Moreover, they also discussed “in what ways have we contributed or not addressed the systemic issues of the police department.”

In the end, the general consensus within the writer’s room was to “speak to it” They have decided to directly face the issues. Most importantly, Ildy confirmed that they are all super excited about it. However, the main concern in writing this episode is to get it “right.”

Netflix drops Lucifer Season 6 on Friday, September 10.

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