How To Pull Off The Korean Aurora Nail Trend


To recreate this popular nail trend, you can opt to use specialist aurora gels; however, these are usually only available for professional salon use, according to Vogue. The good news is that to recreate this unicorn light inspired trend, all you need are nail polishes in sheer and opalescent shades.

As per Glamour, New York based nail artist Fleury Rose explained that, “This trend is all about layering. There are different techniques out there, but mainly it entails layers of opal gel polish, or opal powder with layers of holo film to create a stunning effect. The entire thing is encapsulated with clear gel to give a lit-from-within effect.”

According to Vogue, the Aurora nail trend is fairly simple to recreate, as all it takes for a basic version is a nail polish that has light-reflecting properties. Glamour suggested recreating the look using a “holographic film” topped with clear gel polish to create a nail that pops.

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