How to Share an Instagram Post to Your Story — the “Re-Share” Sticker

In a move that has a lot of Instagram users less than thrilled, the app has rolled out a new way to share posts from your feed to your stories — and it’s a little bit confusing, to say the least.

Previously, if you were looking to repost from your feed to your Instagram stories, all you had to do was click the triangle “share” button, next to the icons to “like” and “comment,” and select your story. For many users, though, the “share” button is no longer available.

Instead, Instagram is testing a “reshare” sticker to share a post to your Instagram story that has more steps than before.

Now, if you see a post in your feed that you’d like to share to your story, you need to start by going to your Instagram story and either taking a photo or selecting a background for your post. Then, select the smiley icon in the upper right bar on the screen and look for the “reshare” option.

When you select the “reshare” sticker, it’ll bring up a series of posts you’ve recently seen. Select the one you wish to share to your story, and it’ll appear as a sticker on top of your selected background.

This update isn’t out for all users at this time, as Instagram is still testing it. It’s unclear how quickly the update will roll out to all Instagram users, or if the company will even make it a feature for every user.

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