How to Unlink Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Unfortunately, you can only unlink your Facebook account from your Instagram through the Instagram app. You cannot unlink the two accounts through Facebook at this time.

To start, open the Instagram app and navigate to the menu in the upper right corner of your profile (it will be the icon with three parallel lines). Select “settings,” and then “account,” then go to “accounts center.”

Here it will display all of the accounts you have linked to your Instagram, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, among others.

If you have a Facebook account linked to your Instagram, it will display a username next to it. Select “Facebook,” and then click “Unlink account.” You’ll have to confirm this on a pop-up before the action is completed, but once you confirm it, your two accounts will no longer be linked together.

You can also unlink other accounts from your Instagram here.


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