How You Can Increase Sales Leads For Your Business


A lot of successful companies rely on adding to their customer base to maximize their business growth. One way to achieve this goal is to ensure that companies get a consistent stream of sales leads. If you want to increase your business sales, the key is to generate more leads.

Basically, sales leads are businesses or people that could buy your company’s services or goods. Leads become prospects once you’ve identified their level of interest and fit as customers for your business. You can use several methods to boost sales leads including outreach and networking, product or service trials, consultation, referrals, social media, cold calling, and marketing and advertising.

Below are some of the ways you can increase sales leads for your business:

  1. Be Active On Social Media

Many businesses get this wrong. They often set up accounts on all available social media channels and interact with their audiences once a week or less often.

If you want to get better results, try a new approach by choosing between one and three channels. Then, set up accounts and start posting interesting and meaty content. Link back to some of your blog posts, reply to people in your target audience or industry and ask several insightful questions.

In short, focus on engagement and interaction. It doesn’t matter if you post a hundred times daily on Twitter. If no one engages with those posts, you’re just wasting your time.

2. Optimize Your Website Design

Your website must be the indisputable best lead generation channel of your brand. Aside from your homepage, all of your website’s pages must be optimized to convert different buyers.

These days, buyers are more than halfway through the buying journey before reaching out to a vendor. So, ensure that your website’s first impression counts. See to it that the value proposition is visible above the fold on your homepage. The process of website design should consider inbound marketing and lead generation throughout the design, development, and UX processes.

Use customer testimonials, accolades, and data points to build credibility. If possible, employ highly visible call-to-action (CTA), strong headlines, and quality images. Then, be attentive to load times and site navigation to improve user experience, and consider mobile responsiveness.

3. Invest In The Right Tools

If you want to maximize your sales leads and build a professional image at the same time, one of the things you should do is to invest in tools that can help make the lead generation process a lot easier. For example, you can contact your leads faster when your sales reps use a predictive dialer

Predictive dialers are a type of software that allow you to automate outbound calls to potential leads. This type of tool allows your contact center to prioritize leads depending on certain metrics, boost their productivity, and reduce time spent on manual dialing or getting answering machines. 

To make the most out of your investment, make sure you’re working with an established and reliable provider like Call Cowboy. They offer auto dialers and predictive dialers to all types of businesses.

4. Create Relevant Content

Never settle for good content. Go for relevant, quality content that engages and informs your target audience. A content strategy should focus on providing content that’s entertaining, informative, helpful, and relevant. It shouldn’t be an overt sales pitch.

Know that it’ll be easier if you distinguish your buyer personas in advance. With a well-defined description of your ideal customer, you’ll be able to meet your target’s needs. When planning your content strategy, focus on the intent of your buyer personas. Just focusing on the SEO keywords won’t address what customers actually want and how your services or products provide a solution.

5. Make An Email Sequence

Generally, an email sequence is a series of emails, which are sent to groups of people on a mailing list. The goal is to utilize email marketing to build the interest of recipients in the services and products of your company.

There are two primary kinds of email sequences and these include:

  • Time-Based Email Sequences – These enable you to send an email at a specific time like after opting in to get newsletters or after buying an item or service.
  • Trigger-Based Email Sequences – With this email sequence, you can send emails based on the person doing certain actions such as leaving something unpurchased in the shopping cart, subscribing to your email list, purchasing a product, and browsing a page on your website.

To attract sales leads, your email sequence must be written with a certain purpose in mind. Every email should build on the previous one to increase the reader’s interest.

6. Host An Online Workshop Or A Webinar

Blog posts and articles are great for educating people and sharing your knowledge. But, they’re one-way conversations, which mean you write and somebody else reads. Online workshops and webinars allow you to interact and teach people, which can be impactful in making sales leads and helping your business grow.

Online workshops and webinars enable you to go into greater depth in sharing knowledge with prospects. For instance, you can teach people the ways to create marketing campaigns in several steps and use images and video to illustrate every step along the way. Every individual who signs up for the workshop or webinar is a legit sales lead. Sharing your knowledge with everyone in this format establishes you as a leader in your niche, increasing your ability to attract leads and building trust.

You can run online workshops and live webinars so you can answer questions in real-time and make time-limited live offers to engage every sales lead. You can also consider recording workshops and webinars so everyone can access them anytime, which can be helpful to attract sales leads.

Depending on your preferences, you can host online workshops and webinars on your company’s website, or host and create them on websites that publish webinars.

7. Ask Your Current Customers For Referrals

Your existing customers can be your source of sales because they’ve already bought from you, so they know how your services and products work. Thus, they must be an important part of your strategy to increase your sales leads.

Take note that warm referrals are more powerful compared to cold emails or outreach to prospects that aren’t knowledgeable about your business. But a lot of businesses never take the time to reach out to their current customers after the sale, beyond providing customer service or support when asked. They don’t usually thank the customers for their business or ask for some referrals to generate leads.

The following are some of the ways to turn your existing customers into a good source of sales leads:

  • Thank your customers with thoughtful gifts for the referrals. If possible, make it personal instead of giving something related to the services and products of your business. 
  • Ask your customers to contact prospects on your behalf. You can do this first through a phone call or short email. 
  • Use your free time to have quick conversations with your customers and thank them for their business. Ensure that they know how much you appreciate their relationship and discuss the ways to add value to your relationship with them.

8. Work With Other Businesses For Mutual Benefits

Another way to increase sales leads for your business is to work with other businesses that would have complementary products or services that could be offered with your own. Creating links with related but non-competing businesses that might help you launch your own services or products can be useful when seeking to offer your leads something to engage with.

There could be a rich crossover in leads between yours and the target market of your partner. Consider hosting events with other businesses to generate interest through co-marketing and cross-promotions, and both businesses would mutually benefit.

9. Connect With Your Live Chat Users

Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the technology for chatting has come a long way. You can customize a chatbot in accordance with the look and feel of your business. Anytime somebody visits your website, the chatbot will pop-up on their screen with a welcome message.

Chatbots can do more than just saying “hi”. That is why having one can be a valuable addition to your marketing and sales team. The best thing about a chatbot is that it can answer commonly asked questions, qualify sales leads, provide responses and ask questions that address the needs of your sales leads, and connect visitors to the best contact.

10. Work With Your Network To Determine Sales Leads

Everybody has a personal network of personal, work friends, family, and current and past business associates, service professionals like doctors, neighbors, and more. Oftentimes, you could overlook those people as a good source of sales leads. However, they must be one of your options. You have their trust already, which makes them a valuable source of generating leads.

While your network members have you in common, most of them exist in separate aspects of your life and don’t interact with one another. They also don’t share the same contacts, so every person has the potential to provide valuable sales leads. If you’ve talked with them about business and life, you can ask them to help connect you to your target customers.

Just tell them about what you’re searching for. Be specific with the type of business or person you’re looking to connect with. Describe their business size, industry, revenue ranges, sales, geographic location, and many more.

11. Take Advantage Of Advertising

There are times that a great way to get leads is to pay for them and this is where advertising comes in. However, you should be careful with advertising because while you could get great leads once you do it right, it’s easy to waste a lot of money on the wrong type of advertising and waste time on the bad leads it brings in.

There’s more to advertising than just creating ads and throwing money at it. Below are some of the things you can do to boost your chances of success:

  • Have Several Ad Campaigns Running – It isn’t a great idea to put all your eggs in a single basket. Try different ad campaigns that would run simultaneously and track down the sales leads using the metrics through analytics. In this way, you can see which message resonates the best and which medium would help you boost your advertising’s efficiency. 
  • Know your Customers – If you don’t have a clue about your customer, you won’t know how or where to advertise to them. 

You have to make customer profiles that describe every type of customer you serve. Then, create a list of what content or mediums they’re likely to consume, and this will provide you a clue of where to start with ad campaigns.

12. Invest In PPC, SEM, And SEO Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are proven to be effective in boosting your sales efforts.

SEO and PPC campaigns are some of the most effective methods to generate leads because when businesses look for services they need, they utilize search engines to look for what they want. Most online shoppers and customers these days use search engines to find products and services, which makes a solid strategy an essential part of generating leads.

Investing your hard-earned cash into campaigns that would improve the presence of your business on search engine results will result in high traffic levels and a better chance of increasing your sales leads.

PPC advertising can be a handy way to gain instant results if you’re searching for leads in a hurry. SEO needs a long-term approach and you don’t always see the results straight away, but it works out as a cost-effective form of marketing.

However, your search marketing campaigns must be targeted specifically or you risk them being less effective. You can use long-tail keyword phrases that are specific to your business to capture potential leads which are likely to use your products or services if directed to them. This will help you work towards being in a position to use short search terms that are more competitive. Make sure to combine it with online advertising to draw more interest to your business.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to increase sales leads for your business, follow those tips above and dedicate effort and time to your endeavors and sales will follow soon. Just keep in mind that lead generation must be viewed as a long-term investment of resources and time.


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