HPD: Officer Shoots Driver After Getting Dragged By Vehicle During Traffic Stop

A police officer shot a driver after getting dragged by a vehicle at 7400 N Main in The Heights on Saturday evening, the Houston Police District (HPD) said. 


According to the report, the Houston Police posted on Twitter that HPD Commanders, detectives, and the Public Information Officer (PIO) were all headed to the scene of the officer-involved shooting incident. 

The post read: “HPD Commanders, detectives and the PIO are headed to an officer involved shooting at 7400 N Main. Prelim info is a suspect drug an officer with his vehicle & the officer discharged his weapon. Both have been transported to the hospital. Further info at the scene. #hounews”

HPD Police said that the officer had been conducting a traffic stop at around 7:10 p.m. near the intersection of 36th and North Main streets, but the driver tried to speed off, dragging the officer along. 

The investigators said that it was then that the officer fired a shot, hitting the driver in the shoulder. Other reports claimed that the driver was hit in the arm and the leg after the officer fired his weapon.

The HPD reported that both the officer and the driver were later sent to a nearby local hospital and both had non-life-threatening injuries. The officer suffered road rashes after being dragged for a short time, says the HPD. 

Both the driver and the officer, both unidentified, are safe. The HPD also didn’t reveal the reason for the traffic stop in north Houston or the real reason why the driver attempted to run, which resulted in the incident. 

The investigation continues as the Houston police try to find out more about why the cop was dragged away. 

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