Hugh Jackman Reminds Fans On Importance Of Sunscreen After Biopsy

“The Wolverine” actor Hugh Jackman has been on many people’s minds following a shocking disclosure from the actor via Instagram.

About six days ago, Jackman took to his social media page to speak about an unusual growth that he noticed on his nose, that led him to the shores of his dermatologist’s office. At the time, he encouraged fans not to be freaked out about the band-aid on his nose, as he had just finished undergoing a biopsy procedure.

The actor went on to note that his doctors are fairly certain that the growth means nothing, but to be safe, they decided to check it out. This prompted mixed reactions from fans, as they immediately began to talk about the possibility of skin cancer.


Nevertheless, following the biopsy results, Jackman has encouraged his supporters and friends to always prioritize skin examinations, and more importantly, always make use of sunscreens to give them better odds against skin cancer or skin irritations.

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Hugh Jackman Discloses Biopsy Results

Following his official announcement that he went for a skin biopsy a few days ago, Jackman recently announced the result of the test that has once again put fans in an uncomfortable position.

“The Greatest Showman” actor announced in a short clip on Instagram that his results on the biopsy came back inconclusive. Additionally, he mentioned that the doctors told him that they could not get enough of the growth to give a perfect result, so it had to be done again.

In the clip, Jackman spoke about a “worst case scenario,” that has put his fans in a sad mood, as they would rather have him healthy than slightly sick. The actor announced that he planned to go for a second round of biopsy once he is done with filming his present project.

Jackman is currently filming “Reminiscence” alongside Rebecca Ferguson and Thandiwe Newton.

Hugh Jackman Encourages Fans To Use Wear Sunscreen

Ever since the “Logan” actor opened up on his visit to the dermatologist, he has repeatedly encouraged fans to always prioritize their skins, and make sure that they look into any unusual inflammation. He also encouraged supporters to wear sunscreen always.

Using sunscreen is known to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation that can lead to several skin problems including skin cancer. Mahoney Dermatology Specialists suggest that ‘even on a cloudy day,’ the skin can easily attract rays of sunlight that can lead to discoloration and wrinkles, and in worst scenarios, cancer.

Jackman suggested to fans that they should use his plight as a reason to see the dermatologist immediately, so as to make sure that everything is perfect.

Fans Are Worried For The Actor

Jackman’s biopsy result that came out inconclusive is not the kind of result that fans were hoping to receive after waiting for almost a week, but they are hopeful that the actor is not in any danger.

In the past week, several fans took to social media and the actor’s comment sections to first take refuge in the fact that his doctors are hopeful that the growth means nothing. However, they have also expressed how worried they are for the actor, because he has to go through another waiting period to get a realistic result.

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A fan wrote on Twitter saying; “I pray it is nothing to worry about. I just saw your tweet. I have not been on Twitter in a while. I will pray for you.”

Another shared a comment saying; “Sending positive thoughts from NY.”

Although the actor seems unfazed about the inconclusive result, everyone is hoping that the next result brings better news.

Fans Thank Hugh Jackman For Skin Care Awareness

In Jackman’s post about his current situation, the actor made it a duty to educate his fans on the importance of skin care, not only to prevent cancer, but to make sure that the body is protected from other types of inflammations.

The 52-year-old received high praise on Twitter and Instagram for using his platform to make people aware of the advantages of a good skin care routine and skin checkups.

A fan on Instagram wrote; “Going to my derm tomorrow to get my check thanks for the reminders.”

Another post from a writer on Twitter shared saying; “It is good that @RealHughJackman gets media coverage because of #skincancer checks as it helps highlight the seriousness of the disease. There are ppl going under the knife every day to remove #carcenomas – if left too long the result can be disfiguring. Get regular #skin checks.”

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