Hugo Hammond Shuts Down Romance Rumors With Francesca Allen

“Love Island” still remains one of the few reality television shows that makes staying glued to screens easy for fans worldwide. With every new season, more love, dramas and controversies unfold that social media users cannot stop discussing.

The show’s new season premiered on August 24, 2020, and since then, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the cast and viewers at large. From the unfortunate situationships, to the incredible love stories, the “Love Island” series is a must-watch for anyone looking to binge on American reality television shows.

The latest episode’s drama features a former cast, known as a world-renowned playboy, heart-breaker, and friend-zoning artist, Hugo Hammond, once again rebuffing romance rumors with 2019 Islander, Francesca Allen. Rumors spread like wildfire online when the former contestant commented on Hammond’s Instagram post that attracted a string of kisses reply.

What fans thought was a love story about to blossom, was nothing, per Hammond. Keep scrolling for more details.

Hugo Hammond Is Not Taken!

Hammond might be open to flirting once in a while, but the sass king makes it a duty to discard any news that suggests he is in a relationship. It’s almost like he doesn’t want the confusion.

Fans were excited for a brief moment when the 24-year-old shared a post on his Instagram page, after a trip to Marbella, and Allen commented on it The excitement deepened when Hammond replied her with kisses emojis.

Instagram | Hugo Hammond

These back and forth replies immediately spiraled into conjectures, as social media fans thought that the duo may be a growing item. Sadly, it turned out that the pair were just engaged in a slight flirtatious moment that meant nothing to either of them. To make his intentions clearer, Hammond opened up about the replies and what they truly meant.

Quit The Rumors Already

During a discussion with Christine Lampard on Lorraine, Hammond said that he and Allen were not an item, as the rumors online were just ‘speculations.’

“Nothing there, that was just a comment on an Instagram so, unfortunately, yeah, just speculation,” he stressed.

Although Hammond shut down the recent dating rumors with Allen, fans are not giving up on him and his coming love story following his recent awkward breakup. His fans would be pleased to see the star hooked to another incredible person, even if she isn’t from the Island.

Who could that be? Keep scrolling to find out what Hammond had to say about the woman he would love to start a relationship with soon.

Lucky Soon

Hammond opened up to Lampard that ever since he left “Love Island,” his DMs have been packed with messages, and he noted that it would not be too long before he gets lucky enough to find a partner.

“… Maybe I’ll have more luck on the outside world than I did inside the villa,” he fessed.

Moving on, Lampard teased the former Islander about a growing relationship between him and Priya Gopaldas that fans noticed while he was still in the villa. In response, Hammond hinted that he and Gopaldas did have a beautiful connection that he loved. Unfortunately, their meeting was cut short because he left the show.

“I saw Priya go in and you know, having just seen bits and bobs of her over the last couple of episodes, she looks like a great girl and I would have loved to have got to know her,” he explained.

But the P.E teacher is not giving up, as he intends to approach Gopalda in a few weeks when she is out of the house.

Past Sour Relationship

Hammond may appear as a self-acclaimed friend-zoner, but the 24-year-old has given love a chance before, although it went sour.

In what fans would love to describe as a ‘mind-boggling’ twist on “Love Island,” Hammond and his then partner, Amy Day were stripped from the villa when four contestants were voted out via public vote. But that was not the only surprise in store for fans.

During their exit interview with Laura Whitmore, it was evident that the pair were no longer lovers, as they repeatedly called each other out. Hammond opened up about their ‘tragic’ love story, and in return, Day gave him an earful.

One of the highlights of the interview, came when Day called her ex-boyfriend FAKE!

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