Human wears scary mask to play a prank on dog. Watch how the pooch reacts

Dog’s reaction on seeing the scary mask will leave you chuckling.

The relationship between a dog and its human is very special indeed. From playing to guarding each other, together they experience a gamut of emotions. There are many videos on the Internet, where one can find human playing pranks on their dogs too. Here is one such video that involves a human, a scary mask, and a petrified dog. Chances are you will laugh out loud after watching the clip.

The video opens to show a dog running towards a door on hearing the sound of its human. It then sees the glimpse of a scary mask, and starts to bark continuously while wagging its tail. It even looks backwards towards another human, wanting to show her what it was seeing. This goes on for a few seconds. However, when the man with the mask on comes running forward, the dog retreats looking for a cover. The manner in which the dog retreats makes for a fascinating watch. Towards the end of the video, the human removes his mask, and that’s when the dog calms down. It then takes a high jump to lick its human.

Take a look at this mischievous video:

What do you think of this video? Did it make you laugh out loud?

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