Hunky Tipping Point contestant leaves viewers in hysterics with Mary Berry blunder in first round

A HUNKY Tipping Point contestant left viewers in hysterics following his Mary Berry blunder in the first round.

College lecturer Jack kept ITV viewers entertained with his embarrassing response to a recipe question posed by host Ben Shepherd.


Tipping Point contestant Jack caused laughter with his embarrassing answer
Host Ben Shepherd could not contain his surprise


Host Ben Shepherd could not contain his surprise

The presenter asked on the show: “On Mary Berry’s website the ingredients for the sponge in her Victoria Sponge Cake includes which poultry products?”

As the fastest contestant to buzz in, Jack attempted to answer but was clearly fumbling over his response.

He eventually uttered: “Butter,” much to everyone’s amusement.

Barely containing his laughter, Ben quizzed: “Butter? Butter, Jack?”

Adding insult to injury, Ben continued: “Do you know many chickens who lay butter?

“Butter is entertaining though Jack, your mates will like that one.”

Viewers shared Ben’s sentiments and headed to Twitter to put their thoughts into writing.

One wrote: “Butter is a poultry product? You absolute wazzock! #tippingpoint.”

A second joked: “I love a hard-boiled butter I’m not gonna lie #tippingpoint”.

“It depends on if it’s a female or male. Males lay slightly salted butter I think #TippingPoint,” quipped a third.

Another commented: “Oh well at least Jack has his looks #tippingpoint”.

Unsurprisingly Jack didn’t make it far in the competition and was kicked off after the first round.

Jack was clearly embarrassed by his answer


Jack was clearly embarrassed by his answer
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