Hunt on to find real-life ‘Kevin and Perry’ filmed going large at music festival

It turns out Kevin and Perry are still going large 21 years on from their fabled trip to Ibiza. Feel old yet?

The comedy characters appeared to be at Hardwick Live Festival on Sunday, throwing some signatures moves out to electronic dance music.

Even Kathy Burke, who played Perry in the 2000 film Kevin & Perry Go Large, needed a double take at the footage of two unnamed festival goers dressed as the two best friends.

She tweeted: “If I wasn’t so much older and wider I’d swear this was me! Lovely stuff.”

The pair had the look down to a T. The shorts, a black raincoat on Perry and a blue shirt on Kevin, even the correctly coloured bucket hats.

The look-alikes even nailed the character’s mannerisms

The characters spawned from Harry Enfield’s Television Programme, a sketch show that first aired in 1990.

Kevin, who was played by Enfield, became a teenager in the second incarnation of the show called Harry Enfield and Chums which started in 1994.

The hunt is on to find the real-life 'Kevin and Perry' filmed going large at a festival
The 2000 film made over £10 million at the box office

In the 2000 film that shot the characters to stardom, Kevin and Perry travel to sunny Ibiza in a quest to become DJs and to lose their virginities.

Fans of the juvenile double act took to social media to express just how good the mystery doppelgängers were.

“F****** hell. Seen so many people do this over the years and look nowt like them. You could have told me this was Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke and I would have believed you. Amazing effort!” one Twitter user said.

The hunt is on to find the real-life 'Kevin and Perry' filmed going large at a festival
The festival goers remain unnamed but brought joy to those around them

Another commented: “Them young lot looking ain’t got a scooby what’s going on, such a shame but pure gold TV for us older lot.”

“I really had to watch this five times to see it wasn’t the real Kevin and Perry 10/10,” said another.

Others who attended the second day of the festival, which took place near Stockton-on-Tees in the North East, posted selfies they had taken with the look-alikes whilst enjoying the muddy festivities.

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