Hunter’s terror as ’15ft Bigfoot’ creature sneaks up and grabs him from behind

A 15-foot Bigfoot snuck up behind a hunter and grabbed his foot in a terrifying encounter, according to a researcher into the mythical creature.

Bigfoot creatures, also known as sasquatches, have never been proven to exist but there are countless people who claimed to have seen them – describing the monsters as huge, two-legged furry animals.

One such sighting was reported to author and researcher W.J. Sheehan (known as Bill), who recalled it on the Forest Fleur podcast.

He said a man had written to him detailing a chilling encounter where he had supposedly come face to face with one of these creatures while on a hunting expedition in a forest in Tennessee, US.

Bill claimed the experience began with a sudden eruption of hooting noises, which was supposedly the creature imitating the call of an owl through the fog in front of him.

Author W.J. Sheehan has told a hunter’s story of having his boot grabbed by – and then coming face-to-face with a ‘huge sasquatch’

Bill said the hunter – called Shane Barclay – thought he was safely positioned in a watchtower, but even at that height, a “Bigfoot” was able to reach him.

Reading Shane’s account of the incident, he explained: “As I sat there trembling and sweating – and having seen nothing up until this point – I suddenly felt something grab the heel of my left boot.

“I immediately jumped to the point of almost falling out of the stand, and as I turned my head to look down to my left, I was staring at the grimacing face of a huge sasquatch.

“He was looking directly up at me having snuck up behind me, and was reaching up with his left hand to grab hold of my boot.”

Despite the shock at suddenly being confronted with this supposedly huge creature, Bill recalled that the beast did not harm Shane.

A forest
The incident supposedly occurred when hunter Shane Barclay was exploring a forest in Tennessee

He continued: “The very moment that I jumped he let go and just stood there, kind of swaying and watching me. As he stood there the thought ran through my mind that all of the activity and noises were just a distraction that allowed this beast to walk up on me unaware.

“It was as if it wanted me to know that it could do whatever it wanted.”

Still, Shane reported that the creature’s size was “unbelievable”, saying: “He was grabbing my heel with his hand 20 feet off the ground.

“He would have had to be 14 or 15 feet tall, with his arm extended well beyond that. His arm would have had to have been 7 or 8 feet long.

“It had very long grey and white hair, with dark grey skin that was visible on its face and hands, as well as the upper chest as I looked down at it.”

A Bigfoot
The hunter described the Bigfoot as at least 14 feet tall, with very long grey and white hair, and grey skin

According to Bill, the beast eventually took off down the trail ahead and disappeared into the trees.

He suggested that Shane said: “I think the creature took about 10 steps to cover 75 feet.”

Despite the creature failing to harm him, Shane apparently confessed he was left terrified by the incident.

Just after the attack he said he realised he was “peeing myself”, and went on to take the next eight days off from work.

Now, he claims he is trying to figure out why the creature refused to hurt him, saying: “He could have easily torn me from my chair in the tree but he didn’t, and that’s what has left me so puzzled.”

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