Husky’s habit of making goofy faces through window leaves people in stitches

A husky making silly faces by sticking his face to the window has left social media users in stitches with his goofy expressions.

Dogs can be absolutely hilarious. Thanks to social media, we frequently get to see glimpses of their antics and entertain ourselves with their silly shenanigans.

These pictures of Baloo the Husky capture his personality perfectly. and it almost never fails to get a laugh out of people.

The two-year-old Siberian husky likes to lick the glass doors while he watches his owner prepare breakfast. As a result, his face contorts into all sorts of goofy expressions.

It has become a habit for Baloo to lick the windows

Baloo clearly can’t help himself but salivate and wait for the delicious chow. It is his way of saying ‘let me in’, TeamDogs reports.

Anna Dunford, from Plymouth, Devon, says recently her mother was dog-sitting overnight when she managed to capture the funny habit in pictures.

While she was preparing the dog’s breakfast she was shocked to turn around and see Baloo’s teeth and tongue pressed against the door. He was more than ready to dig into his food that morning.

Anna, 36, said: “Baloo makes a habit of this pose. He licks the glass when he is watching something happening and he wants to come in but is shut out of the room. If we are in our kitchen and he wants in, he is licking the window. It always amuses our guests who have come round to visit him a lot recently.

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“He has such a character about him, if he was human he wouldn’t be the sharpest tool in the shed that’s for sure.”

Anna has since caught him licking the window again. She said: “No wonder my windows are filthy. He really does make me laugh.”

Baloo was the only puppy in his litter and still lives with Anna and his mother Bear. Out of the two he is the more loving one and certainly has some unusual quirks to his character. Anna says he has not only enjoyed licking doors but also her feet.

Anna said: “I have been pregnant recently, and during my pregnancy around 7pm each night he wouldn’t rest until he could lick my feet. It was gross, he would sit licking them for an hour at a time, and he really wouldn’t settle unless I allowed him to do so.”

Baloo never fails to give his owners a shock
Baloo never fails to give his owners a shock

Baloo sure gave everyone a good laugh. When Anna shared the pictures of her goofy husky’s behaviour on Facebook, it attracted lots of attention from people who couldn’t help but giggle at the pup.

The post received over 1.2K likes with many people commenting on the comedy moment saying what a goofball of a character he was.


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