I accidentally sent a £40k loan to my son & he SPENT it

A MUM has revealed how she accidentally sent a £40,000 loan to her son – and he spent her much-needed money.

The woman, from Darlington, Co Durham, took out a second mortgage on her home after falling on hard times last year, but put in the wrong details by mistake.


A mum has revealed how she accidentally sent a £40,000 loan to her son’s account and he SPENT her much-needed cashCredit: Getty – Contributor

Outrageously her son, who’s in a minimum wage job, spent the cash – leaving his mum with nothing.

Speaking to the Guardian, the anonymous mum says: “I am about to lose my home and don’t know where to turn.”

The mum got the loan through Nationwide and put her partner’s name on the application, but used her son’s account number by mistake.

“My son said he had not received any money,” she says.

“But eventually, it was discovered that the £40,000 had gone into my son’s account five weeks previously and that he had spent it.

“My life has been horrific since then. My son strung me along as my life was falling apart, and is now facing a criminal trial…

“We now have to repay the lost loan and the debts it was supposed to cover. I’ve lost everything, including my son.”

The “heartbroken” mum appealed for help from the Guardian, who managed to recover £10,000 which her son had not spent.

The case is now with the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will decide if Nationwide and Lloyds, with whom her son was banking, owe the mum compensation for “any shortfall in service”.

Meanwhile, her son pleaded guilty to dishonestly retaining a wrongful credit and was given a 16-month suspended prison sentence.

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