I asked for balayage… my hairdresser ruined my hair with bleach, it took three visits to sort & it’s STILL not right

A WOMAN has revealed how one visit to the hairdresser completely destroyed her healthy long locks.

TikTok user @amycaroline13 shared before and after photos of the ordeal to her account, explaining why it was a complete disaster.


A woman showed disastrous before and after photos of her hair on TikTokCredit: @amycaroline13/Tiktok
A hairdresser completely ruined her hair with bleach


A hairdresser completely ruined her hair with bleachCredit: @amycaroline13/Tiktok

“This was before, my completely natural hair untouched. I never had it bleached, never had it dyed, didn’t really straighten it much didn’t really curl it much,” she said.

Amy showed a photo of what she was after, saying she had requested some highlights and some face-framing.

“She said it was not going to be difficult because I had completely virgin hair prior and let me show you what she did to me,” Amy said.

“I cannot even make this up. this is what she did to my hair. It took three sessions with somebody else just for me to look presentable again.

In a second video, Amy showed some more before and after photos. All up, she had three sessions in hopes to improve it.

“It has been a year since that happened and just for the record I did know my stylist, she had been cutting my hair for years and I had seen all of the wonderful work she had done colouring other people’s hair. I don’t know if she had just had a bad day or what happened,” she said.

Amy explained that she and her new stylist decided to give up on the original look Amy was after. Their goal was to fix the bad hair job as much as possible.

“We attempted some low lights to just try and even it out but this was permanent colour but my hair does not hold colour so the brown just washed right out,” she explained.

“We ended up having to go fully blonde. This is attempt number two, it was still pretty uneven. We ended up having to bring the blonde all of the way up to the top.”


People flooded to the comment section of both videos, with the majority shocked the stylist did such an awful job.

“As a cosmetologist, my heart sank to the pit of my stomach,” one person wrote.

“She did not leave a single hair out of the foil. Like she didn’t tease, weave nothing! As a stylist this angers me!” another person commented.

“This looks like when you try to do at home ombre in 2012,” a third person said.

A fourth person added: “Tgh this is so upsetting because you had the perfect base to begin with.”

Other commenters said she should have sued, with many others saying they hope she didn’t pay.

Amy said she is now trying to grow her hair out so that it can go back to its former glory.

This is the photo Amy had shown the hairdresser as reference


This is the photo Amy had shown the hairdresser as referenceCredit: @amycaroline13/Tiktok
Amy eventually had a stylist add some low lights to try improve it


Amy eventually had a stylist add some low lights to try improve itCredit: @amycaroline13/Tiktok
This is what Amy's hair looks like now, she is trying to grow it out


This is what Amy’s hair looks like now, she is trying to grow it outCredit: @amycaroline13/Tiktok

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