I asked for choppy layers at the hairdresser, it was a disaster & even worse when they tried to fix it

A WOMAN got more than she bargained for when she went to the hairdresser to get choppy layers.

Posting to her TikTok account, Kate shared videos explaining that she was left with incredibly choppy hair – and she went back a second time.


Kate was left with a disastrous cut when she left the hairdressersCredit: TikTok/@hindezketchup

In the first clip she uploaded about her new ‘do, she showed just how choppy the layers around her face were.

She explained that she had gone to the same hairdresser twice, once to get her haircut and the second time in hopes the hairdresser could fix the shoddy job she had done.

“Going to the salon to fix their ‘face framing’ [layers] they did last week,” she said.

“Somehow it looks the same and worse at the same time.”

The video has since gone viral, having been viewed 1.8million times.

Commenters couldn’t believe the awful job the hairdresser did and some questioned why Kate went back a second time.

“I’m a believer of second chances but never again. Learned my lesson,” Kate explained

Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago even commented expressing her shock.

“This can’t be real,” she wrote.

Kate replied: “Girl, I wish it wasn’t.”

She then went on to upload a second video, explaining exactly what happened and how she ended up with such an awful cut not just once but twice.

“I went to a salon that had a lot of good reviews, I’ve had people go to this salon before and have nothing but good things to say about it. The only thing I didn’t do is research this specific stylist, which I have learnt my lesson the hard way, I will always do that from now on,” she said.

“I did pay for the services at my first appointment, I did get some highlights, those looked just fine, but now I’m looking back at what happened she had my chair turned the whole time she was cutting my hair so I didn’t see what it actually looked like until it was done.”

Kate explained that the hairdresser curled the front pieces of her hair but the rest of it was left straight.


“It looked funky while I was sitting there, I thought it was maybe the way she styled it because I’d never cut my hair like that before,” she shared.

“I left the salon and I curled it for the next four days and it looked pretty good. I could tell it was a little choppy. It wasn’t until I rewashed my hair and straightened it that I noticed the severity of the choppiness. So I called the salon to rebook.

“The reason I went back to the salon is because I never said anything to the stylist when I was there, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe we had two different ideas of what face-framing looked like.”

Kate said this time she was very honest with the stylist and explained in detail how she wanted her hair cut, saying she wanted the layers blended into the rest of her hair.

She didn’t have to pay the second time but she already has another stylist in mind for a third cut, hoping that a new person can fix it.

Viewers have been invested in Kate’s story, with many sharing their condolences.

“It’s not choppy it’s basically two haircuts in one. What in the world,” one person commented.

“What a lovely attitude you have. She did a terrible job but you are so calm and sweet about it. And you are right it IS only hair,” said another.

“I’m not even a hairdresser but I have so much confidence I could fix that,” a third commenter said.

A fourth person added: “I could cut my own hair without a mirror in the wind and it be more blended. Why did they do that to you? I’m so sorry.”

She said both cuts she received from the stylist were choppy


She said both cuts she received from the stylist were choppyCredit: TikTok/@hindezketchup
Kate had lovely hair before the ordeal at the hairdresser


Kate had lovely hair before the ordeal at the hairdresserCredit: TikTok/@hindezketchup

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