I booked a 10-week Airbnb stay – but when I turned up it looked like a hoarder’s paradise with rubbish strewn EVERYWHERE

THIS horrified woman booked an Airbnb home after seeing immaculate photos, only to claim after arrival that the owners were hardcore hoarders – and there was rubbish everywhere!

To make matters worse, she alleged the air conditioning had broken and the locks were faulty, leaving the property insecure.

This Tiktokker says she got more than she bargained for when she arrived at her rental propertyCredit: Tiktok

The Tiktokker uploaded images of what she claimed was a 'hoarder house'


The Tiktokker uploaded images of what she claimed was a ‘hoarder house’Credit: Tiktok

The woman jokingly compared the house to a movie she’d watched about a couple that “buried their guests in their walls” and claimed that her temporary home had “similar vibes”.

In one video captioned “Airbnb Has betrayed my trust”, she compared the online photos of a tidy and clean-looking property to the house of horrors that she claimed she’d encountered when she’d arrived, with shabby stuffed toys, empty boxes and even ‘FOR SALE’ signs strewn around the rooms!

“The AC and shower are both broken”, she claimed of the scene that met her after working night shifts as a nurse.

Plus she also claimed that the intense heat in a property without working air conditioning had later caused locks to fall open and become impossible to close.

This made her nervous about staying there at all – not least because she claimed to have had no lock on her bedroom door either.

The disbelieving guest showed images of old dolls with cracked faces and vintage televisions, writing, “Someone save me from this nightmare!”

To make matters worse, her Tiktok videos of the disaster were also hijacked by trolls who criticised her “awful hair and voice”.

She captioned another video with “Dressing like shit with my freshly butchered haircut and no makeup because I know no-one will see my Tiktoks”, only for the video to get over 16.7k views!

The tearful woman eventually cut her stay short and fled what she insisted was a “hoarder home”.

She had been urged by followers to tell Airbnb and subsequently claimed the company had given her an 80% refund for the stay – it leaves just $300 left to pay for the ten weeks she cut short.

“I still believe I should owe $0 for that mess,” she asserted, “but it’s a start.”

The woman fled the property before her 10-week stay was up


The woman fled the property before her 10-week stay was upCredit: Tiktok

It’s not certain what could have caused the messy scenes, but an Airbnb spokesperson assured: “These types of situations are very rare. We regret that our original support fell short of our high standards, and we worked to provide our full support six weeks ago when it occurred, including a refund.”

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