I broke my thumb after sleeping with rings on

EVEN though we always mean to take our jewellery off before bed, we won’t lie and say it happens 100 per cent of the time – especially after a glass of wine (or two).

But while we always thought keeping rings on overnight was mostly harmless, one woman’s horrifying experience has shaken us to our very core.

Ami urged her followers NOT to sleep in their ringsCredit: @positivami/Tiktok

The couple had to call 111 when Ami's thumb turned blue


The couple had to call 111 when Ami’s thumb turned blueCredit: @positivami/Tiktok

And we’re warning you now – her stomach-churning video might put you off ever wearing rings again.

In a series of viral TikToks, London-based blogger Ami explained how she fancied switching up her jewellery on Saturday by wearing one of her silver rings on a different thumb instead.

As she’d previously worn it on her other thumb before, the social media star didn’t think twice about this split-second decision and kept it on overnight.

But when she woke up on Sunday morning, Ami was in excruciating pain from where the ring had cut off her circulation.

Ami’s first video – which has racked up over 2.9 MILLION views – shows her and her partner Andre trying desperately to remove the ring.

“We tried loads of techniques but it wouldn’t come off,” she wrote. “It went from bad to worse.”

As Ami’s thumb started turning red, the pair Googled anything they could think of and even ended up wrapping it in dental floss in the hopes that this would stop the swelling.

Filming their failed attempt, Ami said: “It feels like the end of my finger is going to drop off. It looks like a gammon joint.”

At this point, the couple were left with no choice but to call 111 when her thumb turned blue and they were told to head to their nearest hospital.

Sharing a photo of her extremely swollen thumb, Ami added: “It was numb and so painful.”

After going into the A&E waiting room by herself, the TikToker was finally seen by a nurse who managed to remove the ring with a drill.

She added: “It hurt so so so much.”

An hour and a half later, they managed to remove the ring – but the nurse suspected that Abi’s finger was broken and sent her for an X-ray.

They had tried wrapping it in floss to reduce the swelling


They had tried wrapping it in floss to reduce the swellingCredit: @positivami/Tiktok

A nurse eventually needed to use a drill to remove the ring


A nurse eventually needed to use a drill to remove the ringCredit: @positivami/Tiktok

Ami accidentally broke her finger trying to get the ring off


Ami accidentally broke her finger trying to get the ring offCredit: @positivami/Tiktok

“Long story short, I broke my thumb trying to get the ring off myself,” she wrote. “Don’t sleep in your ring kids.”

After her initial went viral, Ami filmed a follow-up clip where she said she’d never had this problem before.

She explained: “I don’t think I broke my thumb in the night or at any point on [Saturday].

“I do wake up with more swollen fingers, that is common for me but I can always get my rings off.”

Describing how it got “too swollen”, she added: “It was us trying to get it off that made it break basically which then made it impossible to get [the ring] off.”

Going into other methods she used, Ami added: “People were telling me to use gloves, ice, washing liquid.

“When I say I tried everything, I tried everything.”

Unsurprisingly, people in the comments were horrified that this could happen and pledged to learn from Ami’s mistake.


Another added: “Now I’m never wearing my rings to bed omg.”

“OMG noooo,” a third said. “I hope you’re okay and have a speedy recovery.”

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