I built a tiny house during lockdown to save £60k

THE savvy woman decided to take DIY home projects during lockdown to a whole new level.

Grace Stringer, 26, a gin distillery manager lives in Worcester with her partner Craig Jukes, 32 a part-time gin distiller and DJ built their tiny home throughout the lockdown caused by the pandemic.


The couple build the house for just £30kCredit: Caters
Grace and Craig inside the living room of their tiny house, Tiny Blue


Grace and Craig inside the living room of their tiny house, Tiny BlueCredit: Caters

The house, named Tiny Blue, cost the couple a total of £30,000.

A one-bed flat in Worcester will set you back around £90,000, starting from scratch has saved the couple DOUBLE what they would have spent buying a property outright.

The average price for a house in the area is a whopping £303,132, and with that budget the couple could make TEN tiny homes.

With the help of family, friends and a carpenter, Grace and Craig were able to complete their small build in just six months.

The couple decided to build their home on the farm that Grace’s parents own, which is great for their puppy, Nellie to run about.

Working endlessly on the weekends to build their dream home, the couple have shared the journey with family and friends happy to lend a helping hand.

Grace was inspired to build her own tiny house after seeing others do the same and blames her stubbornness for seeing the project through to the end.

Grace said: “As a child, I loved my Wendy house!

“As soon as I came across tiny houses, I knew it was a project I wanted to undertake.

“Overall, Tiny Blue was a project from the depths of my stubborn attitude, I had a lot of people trying to talk me out of it.

“However, I was determined to prove people wrong and show tiny living is more than possible.

“It also has given me financial freedom at the age of 26 because I completely own my own house which is such an amazing position to be in.

“It took six months to do the actual build and the total amounted to £30,000.

“A lot of the cost was because wood and anything DIY related was like gold dust during the pandemic and shipping because we couldn’t go into shops.

“I spend more time with the doors open, in the fresh air – I have only essentials around and I don’t have unwanted or unneeded clutter.

“I love the simplicity of life and I enjoy the small things so much more!”

The couple have had the entire project documented by their photographer friend and have many photos to look back on in pride.

Now, Grace and her partner Craig can enjoy life in their humble abode with Nellie.

The main seating area


The main seating areaCredit: Caters
The kitchen and living area


The kitchen and living areaCredit: Caters

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