I can’t get a boyfriend because I’ve barely got any teeth

FINDING a boyfriend at 25 years-old can be difficult, but to make things EVEN worse, try having barely any teeth.

TikTok user Lily Magno has opened up about how her dentures leave her unlucky in love but how she’s learnt to embrace her look.

Lily Magno has opened up about how her dentures leave her unlucky in loveCredit: Caters

Lily has 469.7k followers on TikTok and 13.7m likes on her account and has made her dentures her brand.

She got dentures last year after her gums became infected due to a skateboarding accident that happened when she was 13.

While Lily has fully adjusted to her dentures, they have negatively affected her love life and her biggest problem – having to remove them on dinner dates.

Lily said: “One time I was on a date, and when I took my teeth out to eat, they acted repulsed.

“It used to bother me knowing guys would judge me based on my content and teeth.”

However, if someone Lily is on a date with reacts negatively when she takes out her dentures, Lily thinks it “proves they’re too immature.”

Lily shared a video to TikTok showing what happens when she eats in public.

The video shows what Lily regularly experiences – people staring at her and trying to figure out if she has real teeth or not.

It shows her putting her dentures in and giving the staring people a big smile.

The video has racked up 63.6k views, 15.6k likes and has got many people talking.

One user commented: “Wait – you have to take out your flipper when u eat?”

Another commented: “I love your videos”.

However, Lily isn’t bothered about people being put off by her dentures as she knows that the right one will embrace her look.

She said: “I don’t worry too much about finding love in the future, because whoever I end up with won’t care — and I want someone who will embrace my flaws.”

But having dentures has not only affected her love life, it’s also affected her career goals.

Lily explained: “One of my biggest dreams was to work towards becoming a model, work in social media and maybe even work in entertainment, but I felt like those dreams had vanished when I got dentures.”

Lily had a skateboarding accident at just 13 which harmed her tooth and led to her dentures.

She said: “I was with my friend, and we were messing around and both skateboarding on one board.”

Although Lily was wearing a helmet and had braces at the time, the accident damaged her braces, causing severe gum damage.

She didn’t lose any teeth at the time, but the trauma to her gums proved long-lasting.

“Apparently, when you have trauma to your face and teeth, problems can arise later on, so sure enough, 10 years later, I had an infection growing on one side and resorption (where infection causes loss of parts of a tooth) to on the other.

“My gum tissue was eating away at one of the roots of my teeth thinking it was an infection, while the infection was actually harming the teeth on the other side.”

Subsequently, Lily lost three of her front teeth in a matter of years, beginning in 2018, leaving her in need of dentures, as there was too much damage for her to get implants.

“I was mortified — dentures at 24 years old!

“I went from being excited about freelance photo shoots and making content to canceling all of my shoots and taking a step back from social media.”

However, this year Lily has decided to embrace her dentures and often posts about her teeth to her TikTok.

“I began making my fake teeth my niche.

“The amount of people contacting me and commenting, saying they wish they had my confidence or that they could relate, was crazy!

“If I could spread one message, it would be to embrace your flaws, because it’s what makes you unique.”

Lily has learnt to embrace her dentures and has made them her niche


Lily has learnt to embrace her dentures and has made them her nicheCredit: Caters

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