‘I can’t have female friends because their husbands all fancy me – I’m a loner’

Moriah Mills, 27, says she prefers to spend time in her own company, rather than a group of girlfriends – because all their partners find her too attractive

Moriah says she has trouble trusting other people (Image: Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills)



A model says she struggles to form friendships with other women because their male partners “all want to date her.”

Moriah Mills, 27, says she’s never really had a single female friend, let alone a group of girlfriends, due to this recurring problem.

She describes herself as a loner, and instead of hanging out with the girls, she’s happy to spend time on her own.

The New York model, who has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram (@thisismoriahmills), says she doesn’t make friends easily because of her looks.

“It’s always been me, myself and I, being a bit of a loner and preferring my own company,” she said.





Moriah says she’s a bit of a loner and prefers her own company

Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills)








The model says she can’t be friends with women as their partners “want to date” her

Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills)

“I don’t really trust people and I don’t worry that I haven’t got a best friend.

“I used to care but now I just love myself.”

She added she’s often the target of jealousy from other women.

“Most females have been judgemental about me because their husbands and boyfriends want me,” the model said.

“I’m super nice but maybe they feel that I’m conceited because of my looks. They couldn’t be more wrong. I’m very down to earth.”















While she was at school, Moriah was a shy child who says she had trust issues, so she found it hard to make friends. Instead, she buried her head in books and concentrated on her studies.

She said: “It never bothered me very much, I worked hard and although there were people that I liked and would speak to I wasn’t close to them.

“I never trusted people enough to get close to them.”

Moriah, who also sings and raps, reckons people are usually shocked when she tells them she doesn’t have a big group of friends.

She said: “Working in the music industry and being a model, people always think I’m going to have this big entourage, but I don’t.





She says she struggled to make friends at school so focused on studying instead

Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills)

The model says she has a dog, Charlie, and that’s enough company for her

Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills)

“Most of the people that I’m friendly with now are guys but I wouldn’t call them up for dinner and drinks to hang out.”

She added she’s working on learning to trust people first, which she hopes will lead to friendship – but added she’s “really not bothered.”

Instead, she works hard for herself and has plenty of company from her dog, Charlie.

“That’s all I need,” she said.

It seems Moriah isn’t alone in being a loner, with a YouGov poll from 2019 suggesting millennials were lone wolves.

More than one fifth of millennials (aged between 25-40) said they had no friends at all, while 27% reported having “no close friends.”

Moriah doesn’t need anyone to worry about her though, and she’s always got plenty of options when it comes to romantic relationships.

She said: “I love romance and being wined and dined. I never have a shortage of male admirers to take me out.”

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