‘I can’t trust my boyfriend after reading his disturbing YouTube comments’

A woman was shocked when she discovered her boyfriend’s anonymous YouTube comments and said that now she feels like she can’t trust him, as what he said was vile and disturbing

A woman said she felt unable to trust her boyfriend after discovering his anonymous YouTube profile – as he had posted lewd comments on a video of a sick woman.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that she had been with her boyfriend for a few months and that he had a dog with distinctive markings.

One day, she saw the dog as an avatar on a YouTube account, and realised that it was her boyfriend’s – but she was left shocked when she read what he had posted.

He had commented on a video of a woman with a rare skin condition, describing her as a ‘ugly b***h’, before adding further horrible sexual comments about her.

The man posted horrible comments thinking no one would find out who he was

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Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “My boyfriend and I have been dating for five months and he has a cute dachshund.

“I was scrolling through the comments of a video about a girl with a rare skin condition and saw a comment, ‘what an ugly b***h’.

“I was going to report it for harassment but the profile photo was of my boyfriend’s dog. His dog has ‘eyebrow’ marks that are very distinctive.

“The profile name is also his nickname so I think it’s him. I sent over the photo to my boyfriend and he confirmed it was his dog but must have forgotten it was his profile pic because when I showed him the comment he denied it saying he would never make such comments.

“I asked to see his comments history and confirm his profile name, which he refused and got angry and started accusing me of being controlling over a troll comment.

“I don’t know if I can trust him after seeing that he posted such a disgusting statement.”

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users were quick to support the woman – saying she was right not to trust him.

One said: “You caught him. My general rule is, ‘when people show you who they really are, believe them’.”

And another wrote: “Is this really a matter of trust, or is it just that you’ve seen a really ugly side of him?

“His reaction was hilariously transparent though, it’s clearly him.”

“I’m guessing he wouldn’t show you his comment history because not only was it him making the comment but there might be other comments he has made that are just as bad/inappropriate and he doesn’t want you to see them”, added a third user.

“He probably is embarrassed because you called him out, and doesn’t want you to think poorly of him.

“People are on their best behaviour the first year of dating. This is likely who he is, and he’s been hiding it so far. You may want to give that some thought.”

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