I changed my baby’s name at six months old

A MUM who changed her baby’s name at six months old has been stunned by her family’s reaction.

In a post on Mumsnet, the concerned mum explained how she had chosen to change her baby’s name and had been met with criticism, which left her feeling confused.


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She said: “I changed my baby’s name from Ralph to Huxley when he was six months old. I just felt his name didn’t fit. I was quite surprised at the reaction I got from family and friends. Has anyone else done this or is thinking about doing this?” 

It seems that the reason the mum felt compelled to change her son’s name was because she struggled to pronounce it properly. 

The woman, who posts on Mumsnet as Lenac, commented explaining that: “I just think if you are unsure about your child’s name you should do something about it.”

The woman got lots of replies, with one user commenting: “I would be really surprised at someone doing this to be honest – never come across it. But if it didn’t feel right then I guess you did the right thing… must be hard for people to get used to!!” 

While another said: “I know 3 people whose parents did this”. 

Some users wondered what her husband thought of the name change, with one asking: “Did your DH want to change as well, what was your family’s reaction? What does the birth certificate now say?”

Lena replied explaining that: “At first my DH thought I was mad but when he realised I had a baby whose name I couldn’t say he was very understanding. People were shocked but I think so what.”

The woman explained that while her in-laws had been sceptical at first, they had now calmed down.

She commented: “Now six months later we have a baby whose name we both love and the mutterings of my in laws have died down.”

The mum explained that:“Before the age of one you can just get the birth certificate amended but after one you do it by deed poll but this is also easy to do.”

Lots of other parents thought changing the baby’s name was a good idea, with one commenting: “I wish I had done this too. My dd is nearly three and I am still not comfortable with her name.” 

Mum holding baby


Mum holding babyCredit: Getty

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