I cleaned a struggling woman’s mould-ridden home for FREE as I love it so much – the before & after pics were shocking

CLEANING can be a daunting task for many but self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Cleaning’ Auri loves it.

Auri is a cleaning fanatic and Tiktok user that transforms filthy homes into tidy havens, all for free.


Auri cleans the homes of those that are struggling and she does it for freeCredit: aurikatariina/Tiktok

She is based in Finland and spends her spare time cleaning other people’s messy homes and she absolutely loves seeing the transformations.

People who follow Auri on Tiktok reach out to her to ask for help cleaning their homes, and Auri then completes the task.

She will drive up to seven hours to go to her clients’ homes, just to help them.

Auri tackles houses that would be daunting for any cleaner and transforms them into fresh, clean spaces.

She wants to help others that are in need – in this case, she helped a young woman that was suffering from depression.

Auri posted this ‘Depression Home’ to her TikTok account ‘aurikatariina’, with the caption: “I respect everybody who is brave enough to ask help.”

Auri explained: “This house owner is a young girl who asked my help, telling her sad story.

“She has been depressed for many years, she doesn’t have many friends.

“She told me she is doing a little better nowadays but the problem is her home.

“The home went to total chaos during her deepest depression…

“And now every day her home reminds her about the dark days.

“I felt sympathy for her and I wanted to help her right away.

“This was the best cleaning ever!!”


Clearly Auri’s cleaning video has impressed numerous people as it has racked up a whopping 6.2 million views and almost one million likes.

It has 3,728 comments and has been shared 2,458 times.

Many people have praised Auri for not only her amazing ability to clean but also for her compassion and willingness to help others that are struggling.

One person said: “Bless you miss. Depression is a nightmare nobody should endure. You did more than clean. You cared. And that means EVERYTHING.”

Another added: “It is amazing what you do. You change people’s lives. Thank you for sharing!”

A third commented: “Heroes don’t always wear capes, sometimes they wear gloves.”

When Auri is finished the homes are sparkling


When Auri is finished the homes are sparklingCredit: aurikatariina/Tiktok

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