I Could Listen To Parker McCollum Cover The Wallflower’s “One Headlight” All Damn Day

As Parker McCollum continues his rise to fame after his first major label album, Gold Chain Cowboy, it’s always cool to look back on some of his OG moments.

I remember scrolling through YouTube one night a couple of years back, and I see this guy Parker McCollum pop up, covering Turnpike’s “Good Lord Lorrie” in front of a ton of fans at Stubbs in Austin, Texas.

He killed the cover, and I knew from that point on it was only going to be a matter of time before the guy made a name for himself outside the state of Texas.

However he did another badass cover that night, one that nobody really talks about….

None other than “One Headlight,” the 1997 rock hit by The Wallflowers.

It appears it was one of The Limestone Kid’s last songs of the night, and needless to say, the crowd was going absolutely bonkers by the time it ended.

I mean, what an absolute CLASSIC.

And speaking of “Good Lord Lorrie”…

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