I did a full face of makeup with false lashes & contouring while in LABOUR

A MUM-TO-BE shared a video of her applying a full face of make-up while in labour so that she was fully glammed up to greet her new baby.

TikToker Lae Harris uploaded the clip that showed her in her hospital gown with nurses attending to her as she put on the cosmetics.


The mum did her makeup while in her hospital bed waiting to give birthCredit: TikTok/@laedout

At one point she briefly paused to have her blood pressure taken by clinicians before continuing with the application.

The TikToker explained that she was 8.5cm dilated at the video was recorded.


Lae can be seen putting on foundation, contouring, eye make-up including false lashes and lip gloss.

It’s fair to say that the end result is very queen-like as she looks ready for the club rather than the delivery.

The short clip was uploaded with the comment: “I did my make-up before birthing my baby. I wanted her to meet the queen in full face.”

Fans were quick to praise the mum for her dedication.

One said: “An Icon? I think so.”

While another said: “This is proof we don’t do our makeup for the boyz.”

And a third commented: “Bestie did full face while her meow meow expanding by a human being; if this isn’t power then I don’t know what is.”

The impressive video has been viewed more than 8.6 million times and has accumulated more than 32.8k likes.

Lae said that she was 8.5cm dilated while applying her makeup


Lae said that she was 8.5cm dilated while applying her makeupCredit: TikTok/@laedout
Lae was all glammed up and ready to meet her baby


Lae was all glammed up and ready to meet her babyCredit: TikTok/@laedout

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