‘I discovered I was pregnant at 6 months – no one knew until he was born’

TikToker Nydia Maritza had no idea she was pregnant until she took a test at six months, despite having no symptoms, not showing, being on birth control and still having periods

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TikToker didn’t realise she was pregnant till 6 months in

Discovering you’re pregnant is a mix of emotions for any parent, whether the baby was planned or not. There is, of course, the excitement of bringing a child into the world, mixed with panic, fear, anxiety and pretty much every emotion you can experience.

So, you can’t even imagine all the thoughts and feelings that would be flooding through your head after discovering you’re six months pregnant, without a single warning sign, meaning you’ve only got three months to prep for parenthood.

That’s exactly what happened to one woman, when she took a random pregnancy test after both her sister and best friend commented on how she seemed ‘different lately.’

Nydia still had abs when she was two months pregnant



Her stomach was huge by the time she was nine months



TikTok user Nydia Maritza, who goes by the name of @nydiamv on the app, explained how she wasn’t at all concerned while waiting for the results to show up on the test, “cause I was on birth control and had my period three weeks prior, had NO symptoms and wasn’t showing.”

Three minutes later, however, she saw a huge ‘+’ sign pop up on the test, sending her into a panic as she booked an appointment with the doctor for the following week.

When she arrived at her appointment, the nurse told Nydia she looked “no more than six weeks” after pushing on her belly with her hands.

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However, after starting the ultrasound, the nurse had to go and get a doctor to confirm that she was, in fact 23 weeks pregnant, going on 24, with the scan revealing “a whole baby with limbs, toes, facial features etc.”

“Realising I only have three months to mentally, emotionally and physically prepare myself for welcoming a baby I’ve only known about for 15 minutes,” Nydia added, with a terrified expression on her face.

In a follow up clip, the mum-of-one shared a series of photos of herself throughout her pregnancy, explaining how her body didn’t change at all until around seven months, when her belly popped ‘overnight.’

Nydia then went on to explain how she “pulled a Kylie Jenner ” by not telling anyone about her pregnancy until her son was born, later sharing an adorable photo of his feet on Facebook.

“The reason I decided to keep my pregnancy private, aside from close family and friends, was because I only had three months to prepare, emotionally, physically, mentally, the whole shebang,” she said.

“I had to prep the room the nursery, all that kind of stuff and it was a very peaceful three months, I’d do it all over again if I could.”

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