I Drank a Caffeinated Cannabis Seltzer That Gave Me a Giddy Buzz

Since launching in Los Angeles in 2019, Cann has quickly made a name for itself in the “drinkables” space.

Cann’s other flavors include rosemary grapefruit, blood orange cardamom, lemon lavender, and ginger lemongrass.

Andrea Michelson

The cannabis beverage industry has rapidly expanded in the past year, according to BDS Analytics, a cannabis market insights firm. Kelly Nielsen, VP of insight and analytics, told Insider that Cann is driving that growth.

“Cann is definitely one of the rising stars of the beverage industry,” Nielsen told Insider. “As of the latest data, which we have through July of this year, they’ve actually reached number two in total sales in the country.”

Cann is second to Keef Cola, a Colorado-based company with higher dose options. But Nielsen said low-dose cannabis drinks designed for social occasions are becoming increasingly common, and the addition of caffeine could add to that experience.

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