I drink around my kids, swear like a sailor and only feed them chicken nuggets

A MUM has been branded “trashy” after openly admitting that she drinks in front of her kids and feeds them nothing but chicken nuggets.

Taking to Tiktok, the mum shared a video, boasting about her bad habits and captioned the clip, “Bad moms club for life.”


The mum admitted to drinking around her kids in the TikTok videoCredit: Tiktok
The mum admitted that she struggles to make "mom friends"


The mum admitted that she struggles to make “mom friends”Credit: Tiktok

Dressed in a “Make America Cowboy Again” t-shirt, the mum can be seen dancing around her living room and chugging beers.

She writes: “People wanna be my mom friend until…I drink around the kids.

“Cuss like a trucker…feed all the frozen nugs and goldfish (referring to the US snack favourite Goldfish crackers).

“And I simply DGAF.”

The video has since been shared on Reddit where it has left users horrified, with many dubbing the woman a “bad mom.”

Commenting, one wrote: “Big difference between a cool mom and a trash mom…”

“Who makes a video bragging about being a bad parent,” wrote another, while a third said, “I feel really bad for the children.”

While a fourth added: “She’s not lying. I don’t want to be her friend after that information.”

She admitted to taking the easy option when it comes to feeding her kids


She admitted to taking the easy option when it comes to feeding her kidsCredit: Tiktok
And to swearing "like a trucker"


And to swearing “like a trucker”Credit: Tiktok

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