I Finally Got TSA PreCheck and Can’t Believe How Easy It Is to Sign up

For those who don’t know, TSA PreCheck helps travelers breeze through airport security.

Passengers pass through TSA at New York’s JFK airport.

Taylor Rains/Insider

The US Transportation and Security Administration offers TSA PreCheck for travelers who want to get through security faster — and with less hassle. 

Those with TSA PreCheck get to wait in a separate security line. In fact, according to the TSA website, 96% of passengers with TSA PreCheck waited less than five minutes in security as of August 21. 

Unlike the regular TSA security line, you also don’t have to remove your shoes, jackets, or belts if you have TSA PreCheck, and you can keep your electronics in your bag. And if you have children under 12, they can automatically join you in the expedited lane. 


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