‘I force my husband to change our baby’s nappies because I didn’t want children’

A mum, who has a phobia of putrid smells, has sparked a debate online after confessing she always forces her husband to change her daughter’s poopy nappies

The couple came to an agreement before deciding to have a baby

A mum has come under fire online after confessing she forces her husband to change all of her baby’s dirty nappies – because she had never planned to have kids anyway.

Prior to meeting her husband, the woman had designed herself to the fact that she probably wasn’t suited to raising children, due to the fact she has an incredibly strong aversion to “any gross scenarios common to young children.”

“I have always had a tough time dealing with anything that seems gross. When I was a kid I had a dog that c***ped in the house on very rare occasions and I would literally gag and almost vomit when cleaning it up,” the woman explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“Anything that gives off a strong putrid smell makes my eyes water and throws me into a retching fit.”

The mum can’t handle any putrid smells


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Two years ago, the woman married her husband, who was well aware of her issues surrounding “gross things”. But, desperate to raise a family, the husband told her that he would be happy “to deal with poopy diapers and things of that nature,” so together, they went on to have a baby girl.

“Let me just say, I absolutely love my daughter to pieces. She brings so much joy into my life and she makes me smile and laugh every single day,” the mum continued. “I change all of the pee diapers, I can handle spit up, and I do all of her laundry and bottle cleaning. The one thing I will not do is change her poopy diapers, as per my agreement with my husband.”

However, things recently came to a head between the couple, when the little girl had “a huge explosion” at around 2 in the morning.

“I heard her crying on the baby monitor and when I went to check on her, it had gone all the way up her back and into her hair. The mattress cover and the mattress itself were also soiled,” the mum explained. “I immediately started getting dizzy and my eyes began to burn so I ran and got my husband. After he got her cleaned up, I worked on soothing her and getting her back to sleep, meanwhile my husband began to clean up her crib. Eventually I also fell asleep.”

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But, the next morning, the woman noticed her hubby was in a really “sour mood,” and when she asked him what was up, he said he’d barely slept because of the 2am toilet incident.

“He then went on a tangent and started to accuse me of not helping enough, and he said that he was sick of being on ‘poop duty’. I reminded him of our agreement and that I do plenty of other things in regards to taking care of our daughter,” she said. “We are both still on parental leave and so it’s not like he needed to be up early for work or anything. It’s been a few days but he still has an attitude anytime I ask him to change her poopy diapers.”

The mum went on to explain that while she does refuse to change the poopy nappies, she does all of her bottle cleaning, laundry, bathing and feeding, as well as always being the first one to check on her when she cries.

She then turned to Reddit to question whether she’s justified in expecting her hubby to change all the dirty nappies, and i’s fair to say she did not get the response she was looking for.

“You need to get over your issues of things being gross. You had a kid and they will have gross moments for years. Your husband isn’t always going to be around to do things you don’t want to do,” one Reddit user commented. “Not sure why you had a kid if you aren’t capable of all aspects of having one.”

Another added: “Neither of you had any business making an agreement like that in the first place, because it was never sustainable, and frankly this is one of the less serious ways it could have backfired.”

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