‘I get hit on all the time and I’ve made a fortune since dyeing my hair blonde’ – Says Model Danii Banks

Model Danii Banks, 31, says being a blonde bombshell has served her well since she first took the peroxide to her locks – and the attention she gets has turned into a lucrative career

A model who makes a fortune from her stunning looks has revealed dyeing her hair blonde was the best decision she’s ever made.

Danii Banks, 31, from Florida in the US, is a natural brunette. But after ditching her darker locks and switching to peroxide blonde, she reckons blondes really do have more fun.

Since opting for golden hair, Danii gets much more attention from men and makes more money than ever before.

“As a blonde I have way more fun than I ever did as a boring brunette,” she said.

“I love being blonde, it makes me feel spontaneous and sexy.

And the model believes people are much more receptive to blondes, claiming people are significantly nicer to her since she made the change.

“People are just so much more friendly to blondes than brunettes. I get more smiles and strangers – of all ages and both men and women – strike up conversations with me.

“I think being blonde is seen as more approachable and therefore more opportunity for exciting and fun possibilities to happen.”

A psychology study suggests Danii might just be onto something.

The Journal of Social Psychology showed photos of women with different hair colours to 110 men and asked them to rank the photos.

The men were asked to consider attractiveness, dating potential and parenting ability of the women from the photos.

In the findings, men typically viewed women with lighter hair as more attractive and considered them in better health, and more youthful-looking.

Economics professor Daniel S. Hamermesh at the University of Texas wrote a book called Beauty Pays, which also supports Danii’s theory.

In his book, he reveals blondes typically make more money.

She has previously revealed she only dates love rats and wants a “normal” boyfriend

His research suggests people with lighter hair earn £610 more on average than brunettes and redheads.

Although Danii admits her blonde locks help her rake in the cash, the model, who has 6.9 million followers on Instagram, says it can sometimes attract “the wrong kind of attention.”

“Often people think I’m dumb or a bimbo just because of the colour of my hair, although sometimes I play up to being stupid just to make fun of them,” she said.

Danii has previously opened up about her difficult love life, claiming she only ever dates “love rats.”

She said she’s been cheated on by every single partner she’s had, and wants to find a “normal” man to spend her days with.

However, the blonde bombshell admitted she’s concerned a more “normal” guy could be put off by her job, and the fact she earns money from her looks.

She said: “I found out that [my ex boyfriends] cheated on me because other women would message and tell me.”

Danii added the constant unfaithfulness affected her mental health, making her feel “ugly and worthless.”

She said she wanted to fall in love and have a successful marriage like her mum and dad, who have been together for 47 years.


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