I get my flowers from the funeral home & live off free samples

A SELF-CONFESSED cheapskate has revealed his extreme money-saving ways, admitting to stealing flowers from funeral homes and living off free samples.

Matt, from New York, refuses to spend a penny if he doesn’t have to, even when it comes to dating.


Matt refuses to spend money if he doesn’t have toCredit: TLC
He lives off free samples, even taking them on dates


He lives off free samples, even taking them on datesCredit: TLC
And dates will be treated to a bunch of flowers swipes from the bins of the local funeral home


And dates will be treated to a bunch of flowers swipes from the bins of the local funeral homeCredit: YouTube

Rather than forking out $30 (£21) for a fresh bouquet of flowers, Matt has found his own endless, and free, supply of blooms.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, he explains: “I happen to live next to a funeral parlour, everyday I see people come in and later in the day the manager or director will get rid of his flowers.

“I snag a couple of flowers, she won’t know the difference! Flowers are flowers.”

When it comes to the date itself, Matt’s date shouldn’t hold out for a reservation in a fancy restaurant.

“I want to go all out so I am gonna get some free samples from the supermarket and put it all together in a little picnic,” he says.

Matt loads handfuls of free samples from his local deli straight into his bag, brassing off a few customers in the process.

Matt is hoping to impress Leila, who seems thrilled when she discovers that Matt has booked a table at a fancy Mexican restaurant – but he has other plans.

He says: “As soon as you sit down in these places they bring out some chips and salsa and then by the time they’re ready to take the (order for) the main course we’ve skedaddled.”

Matt, who has never paid for a date’s dinner, leaves just enough for Leila to have chips, salsa and half a glass of water.

Next he takes Leila to watch a street busker, explaining: “You don’t have to spend a dime to have a world class entertainment experience.

“I really want to impress Leila and take her on an upscale dinner cruise but that can cost as much as $200 per person.”

So instead, the pair head for New York’s Staten Island Ferry.

He says: “The great thing about this ferry is that you get the same experience as the dinner cruise, you get a tour of the New York harbour for free.

“I just figured, don’t put any money out there if you don’t have to. A lot of guys in New York wine and dine, they’re throwing out the platinum card, no, that’s not how I roll – I got the discount clubcard and that’s if you’re lucky.”

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