I get the best Primark bargains thanks to my ‘three-times’ rule

ARE you fed up of seeing endless Primark videos of the best bargain finds but you never finding any in your local store?

Well, your store isn’t ‘broken’, like many people may think.


If you can never find good bits in Primark, it’s because you’re shopping wrong

You’re just not shopping right.

Primark super-fan and fashion fanatic Brittany Miller has revealed how she always gets the best Primark bargains and has shared her secrets to her TikTok account.

After sharing a video showing off ‘this weeks Primark bits’, TikTok user ‘vickyykate’ replied to her video with the comment: “Why is my local primark broken then?”

Brittany then uploaded a new video explaining how to find good stuff in Primark.

So if you’re fed up with never finding anything good in Primark, listen up.

She said: “Girls, your Primark is not broken, you’re just not shopping right.

“So here’s some tips and tricks to shop at Primark.

“First of all, you need to go to Primark two to three times a week, minimum, otherwise you will not find the good stuff that I find.

“I only go to Eastbourne Primark which is literally a small town, the Primark is tiny compared to city Primarks.

“So it’s not like my Primark is good, do you know what I mean?

“I only ever shop in Primark on weekdays.

“Week days is when they have deliveries.

“They have deliveries literally most days but never weekends.

“So the stuff that I find on a Tuesday, won’t be there on a Saturday.

“Especially the good stuff, like this blazer – that’s going to be gone by Saturday.

“So I go to Primark Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.” 

So, if you want to find the best bits in Primark, go on weekdays and go multiple times a week (if you have the time). 

Clearly the video has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 280,000 views.

It has 20.1k likes, 195 comments and 189 shares. 

One person commented: “Great tips, thanks!” 

Another added: “Girl you’re giving away the good secrets.” 


However, many were quick to comment that they don’t have the time to go to Primark three times a week. 

One person said: “Wish I had the time to go shopping 3 times a week.”

Another added: “2-3 times a week!? Sorry I work Monday-Friday.” 

A third commented: “How do you have so much time to be bopping to Primark so much?” 

Regardless of the size of your local Primark, if you follow these tips, you will find the best buys


Regardless of the size of your local Primark, if you follow these tips, you will find the best buysCredit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

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