I got pregnant with twins at 15, pals were in class & I was ‘butt naked in front of 12 strangers getting a c-section’

A YOUNG WOMAN who became pregnant with twins at 15 reveals what it was like to be delivering a baby while her friends were in school.

Nicole, now 18, from New York, USA, reveals what her c-section experience was like as such a young teenager.


Mom of twins explains what it was like to have a c-section at 16Credit: TikTok/@niikkis
The woman  reveals how embarrassed she was to be naked in front of 12 people in the hospital


The woman reveals how embarrassed she was to be naked in front of 12 people in the hospitalCredit: TikTok/@niikkis

Posting on her TikTik channel under the domain niikkis Nicole shares a video with the heading “do y’all know how hard it is shaving when 30+ weeks pregnant with twins.”

In the video, she shares background audio of a woman shouting and screaming “did you see my c*****e and my butt? Say yes if you did.”

Alongside the video, she posts: “When I realized I was lying butt naked, c*****e out and on the table in front of 12+ strangers when getting my c section at 16.”

The post which received over 121k views was met with a range of comments from people who sympathised with the young mum.

“12 people, there should have been like six” one commented, to which Nicole replied, “No there was 12, plus me and my boyfriend…and the twins haha.”

“Did this actually happen? I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry” wrote another.

Other’s were able to relate to her story.

“I let a whole room of students at the hospital watch my first birth. Since my body can’t feel labour pain I knew it would teach them new things.”

She also revealed the common questions people ask her – including about whether she is with the dadand if she used contraction.

“I had a full-grown panic attack because they just rolled my gown up and I could feel the cold air – I’m tellin’ yall I lost it” commented another.

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People sympathised with the mom on TikTok


People sympathised with the mom on TikTokCredit: TikTok/@niikkis

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