‘I had a C-section with no pain relief – I’ll never have another baby’

New mum Fi Oates, 22, has said she’s reluctant to have kids again after a horrific experience giving birth, in which she claims a c-section was performed without pain relief

A mum says she won’t have any more kids after a traumatic birth

A young mum from Wales claims she gave birth to her child via caesarean – but didn’t have any anaesthetic during the operation.

Fi Oates, 22, told her followers on TikTok about the horrific ordeal which she claims has put her off ever having another baby.

Speaking about the experience, she said she “felt every last thing” as the procedure was carried out.

Typically, c-sections are performed on women in labour if a vaginal birth is deemed too risky – there can be several reasons for this.

Of course, usually when a c-section is carried out, the expectant mum is given an epidural, which numbs from the waist down.

Fi claims she had to deliver her baby via c-section without pain relief


Fi Oates/tiktok)

She recalled the horrifying ordeal to her TikTok followers


Fi Oates/tiktok)

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However, Fi claims the epidural option wasn’t possible in her case.

Explaining what happened in the comments section of the video, Fi said her epidural failed – which is estimated to occur in up to 12% of cases, although it’s difficult to measure exactly how many epidurals don’t work.

She claims her high risk birth meant doctors had no choice but to perform the c-section without the pain relief.

Fi wrote: “Nothing worked on me and there was no time because both me and my baby had sepsis so they had to get her out as quick as possible.

“I begged to be put to sleep but they couldn’t risk it because I had sepsis and I was at risk of going into a coma.”

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Although she was given gas and air as a form of pain relief, Fi says she could feel everything which she described as “traumatising.”

The mum added the horrific experience has put her off ever having kids again.

“No more kids for me thanks,” she said.

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