‘I had a hair transplant at 24 – now my confidence is through the roof’

Many guys don’t have to worry about losing their hair until they get older.

However, Jake from Plymouth was devastated when he realised he was starting to lose his locks at the age of just 20-years-old.

The serviceman said he “wasn’t too bothered” at first because he thought it would stop.

But by the age of 23, it really began to affect his confidence as it was falling out fast.

Things got so bad that he didn’t even want to leave the house without a hat.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Jake, now 25, told us: “I noticed it when I was around 20 but it didn’t really bother me as I thought it would stop at the time, but when I got to around 23 that’s when I started to really notice it and it really affected my confidence.

“It had a really bad mental health affect on me – I want to leave the house without a hat, I hated going on nights out as I wouldn’t know what to do with my hair and I felt like everyone would be looking at me.”

He says he had no confidence before the operation

Things also affected Jake’s dating life, as he was worried girls were looking at his hair.

“I didn’t like going out and meeting knew people and I felt like I couldn’t take to girls or dating,” he admits.

“I also didn’t like have my picture taken at all.”

Jake confesses he got a bit of “stick” from workmates about his hair too.

“In the work environment I’m in, you always get stick about things like that,” he continued.

“I took it as a joke but deep down it did hurt and I realised other people were starting to notice it.”

Jake wearing a hat
Jake always wore a hat as he was embarrassed about his hair

Jake said he started considering having a transplant at the start of the Covid pandemic in March 2020.

He commented: “All the barbers had shut so I shaved all my hair off. That’s when I thought ‘I need to get it sorted’, so I started looking into hair transplants.

“I researched it until August 2020 and spoke to a family member who’d also had a hair transplant and then booked it at the start of September 2020.”

Jake opted for a clinic in Turkey as he says it was “a more reasonable price” and he felt like many UK clinics charge high prices as they cater for people who are “too scared” to go overseas to get it done.

He admitted that he was “worried” about going abroad as he’d never had an operation before or been in hospital for a long period of time.

Jake poses for a selfie after his transplant
He was overjoyed with the results of his hair transplant

Jake also travelled for the operation by himself, which he confessed was “daunting”.

But luckily for him, he was overjoyed with his results.

“I can’t even describe the affect it’s had on my confidence,” he told us.

“Obviously it takes four months to see the affected really because the hair grows for two months then all falls out again, so you’re back to square one.

“But around the four-month mark, the hair starts coming through again I just couldn’t believe it.

“From six months onwards, my confidence was sky-high!”

Jake's hair grows back after his transplant
Jake opted for a clinic in Turkey for the operation

Jake after his transplant
It took four months for him to start seeing results

Talking about the actual operation, Jake said the only thing that “hurt” a little was the numbing injections at the start where they use a local anaesthetic. However, he said they sedate you so you’re in and our of consciousness.

He admitted it felt “really surreal” after the op, as he said he was in a hotel room and “you can’t really do much”.

Jake commented: “Especially as it was Covid at the time, I couldn’t do much at all.

“Your head also swells up as they anaesthetics are pushing their way out of your body.

“Then the bandages come off and it gets itchy.”

Asked if he had been worried about his results, he admitted that he was.

“I was majorly worried as you often see people who have had huge failures with these type of things and look worse than they did before,” he said.

Jake poses in a pool after his transplant
His love life has been given a boost thanks to the hair transplant

“But as long as you follow the rules of what to do and what not to do after the op, then you’ve got a lot more chance of it working.”

Jake’s new-found confidence means he’s no longer having to wear hat.

“I’ve not wore a hat since my transplant really, even when it was growing back,” he said.

“I just thought I have no reason to hide it anymore.”

His love life has also been boosted, thanks to his hair transplant.

“Meeting people is so much easier now,” he exclaimed.

“I can go up to someone and talk to them without having the anxiety that they’re looking at my hair.

“I also go on dates now and am comfortable putting any picture up on my Instagram.”

Jake shows off his muscles after his transplant
Jake says he’s loving the attention, but his mates joke he’s a “poser” now

Jake admits he’s loving the attention from the ladies, as he adds: “The last 4-5 months have been crazy for me.

“The comments and compliments I get are insane. I never realised it would have such an affect.”

The hunk did admit that he has found it a bit hard to get used to – but admits he’s enjoying it.

“The compliments boost your confidence even more,” he exclaimed.

Jake also said his mates have been really supportive and accepting about his transplant.

Some people have even asked him for details so they can get one too, as they’ve realised it’s more “easy” and “normal” than they thought.

He did admit that his pals see him as a bit of a “poser” now, thanks to his new-found confidence.

But he said they’re glad the op has made him happy.

Jake admits that social media and reality TV probably did have an affect on his decision to get the hair transplant in the first place.

“A lack of self-confidence is a huge anxiety for people, especially in this day and age of social media,” he said.

“People care a lot about what they look like and there’s tons of pressure to look good.

“Things like reality TV shows don’t help either and people always are always changing their look.

“I’m probably just the same as I saw people on TV with nice heads of hair and I changed it, but I wouldn’t want to change too much.”

He says he would would definitely recommend a hair transplant to anyone considering it though – especially if it’s affecting their confidence or mental health.

“I recommend anyone to do it if they really want to,” he says.

“It has had such a big affect on me.”

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