‘I had never been on a date until I turned 26 – but now celebs are in my DMs’

TV star Tully Smith, who appeared on big Brother Austalia in 2013, shocked fans by saying that she’d never been on a date until she was 26-years-old.

Tully, now 34, was swept away by on-screen romance Anthony Drew, but they broke up months after she left the Big Brother house leaving Tully single at 26 for the first time.

The gorgeous blonde told the Kinda Sorta Dating podcast that throughout her 20s she was a “serial monogamist” and so had never casually dated.

This meant that she’d never actually been on a date.

She told the podcast: “I didn’t know how to date, I’d never been on a date.

“All my past relationships had been friends of mine already and we’d just kind of ended up dating.”

The bombshell had never been on a first date at 26

After being single for eight years, Tully decided to use dating apps and try and find a boyfriend that way.

She went on to meet her current beau on Hinge.

But, before she deleted the apps to get stuck into her new relationship Tully tried another outlet to find romance.

Raya is a private, membership based community which connects celebrities and famous names.

She met her current lover on Hinge
She met her current lover on Hinge

The celebrity dating site allowed Tully to match with some “massive names”.

She told host Jana Hocking: “I met many a celebrity on Raya. You come across all kinds of people, some huge names.

“When you see a massive name, for your ego, you want to swipe right just to see if you get a match.

“There’s a lot of people that you just want to see if they think you’re hot but more often than not you never say anything to them.”

But, the Aussie celeb did confess that connecting with celebs isn’t the dream many think it could be.

Tully thinks celebs don't have great banter
Tully thinks celebs don’t have great banter

She said: “They don’t have good chat.

“Don’t think for one second that because they’re famous or a millionaire or live in LA or fly in private jets that they’ve got more banter than Tom from Northcote, ’cause trust me, they don’t.”


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