‘I hate the name my wife chose for our daughter – she’ll get bullied over it’

A man has turned to Reddit to question whether he should refuse to sign his daughter’s birth certificate because he hates the name his wife has chosen for her

The couple made an agreement to name a child each

Naming a child has got to be up there with one of the hardest decision a person can make. It’s a life-long commitment which could affect their future relationships and how they’re treated by their peers.

So, it goes without saying that before a parent can commit to giving their a child a certain name, they have to be sure it is the right one.

That being said, one dad has been left in a bit of a sticky situation, after he and his wife decided to name a child each – him having named their first born, now a two-year-old boy, and his wife naming their daughter, who has not yet been born.

Disaster struck when he heard the name his wife picked out for their daughter


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“So my wife and I are expecting a daughter. We already have a son who is two years old. Our agreement was that I got to name the first baby, and she got to name the second baby,” he explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum

“She didn’t have any strong opinions or preferences with regards to naming our son so I went with what I thought was a strong, somewhat unique name but that could just as easily suit a musician as a lawyer or doctor.

“I picked the name Calvin Heath, the middle name after my brother who unfortunately passed away and my wife was fine with it.”

Sounds fair, right? This is where things get awkward. The man went on to say that while it is his wife’s turn to name their next born, he absolutely hates the name she has chosen. Oh dear.

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“My wife told me she wants to name our daughter Ever Winter Rain where Ever is the first name and Winter Rain is the middle name,” he explained.

“I don’t think this is a good name and that it isn’t fair to our daughter because Ever is a word and I don’t think it passes the supreme court justice test – it doesn’t sound professional, it’s confusing because it’s a word and I don’t think it would suit her into adulthood.”

He said he suggested using Winter as the first name instead, with a slight more traditional middle name, such as Emma, but his wife “refused.”

The soon-to-be dad-of-two turned to Reddit to question whether he’d be out of order to break the agreement and refuse to sign the baby’s birth certificate with such a name.

“Why in the world did you make such an arrangement?! You could’ve built in a veto clause, or made certain minimum requirements. You didn’t. You’re an a**hole for wanting to go back on the arrangement now that it doesn’t suit you,” one Reddit user commented.

“But who thinks of such a ridiculous name?!?! Does she want the kid to have to explain and spell her name every single time she does anything or meets anyone?”

Meanwhile, another disagreed: “F*** the agreement. The kid has to live with this shit. If this guy doesn’t stop his wife, they’re both a**holes.”

What do you think, should the man stick to the agreement or refuse the name on the grounds it could cause a lifetime of problems for his daughter? Have your say in the comments section…

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