I lay out clean clothes for my man every night & make sure his dinner is always ready, I work full-time, he deserves it

A WOMAN has revealed how she spends her evenings doing chores for her partner and it has sparked controversy.

Patsy Dooley who lives in Gloucester uploaded the video to TikTok, where it has been viewed over 250k times.


Patsy is more than happy to spend her evening looking after her partnerCredit: baby_doll_2020

In the video posted to her account, baby_doll_2020, she captions it: “If you have a good one then treat him well, my king.”

Even though Patsy is a mum, works six days a week and runs her own company, she still finds time to look after her partner.

Patsy shares the long list of tasks she does every day for her partner, which has split opinion as some thought it was a lot to do, especially when working full-time.

She writes: “I always make sure my boyfriend comes home from work to clean clothes and a clean towel.”

Patsy leaves the fresh pile of clothes and a towel on the bed ready for him after he has showered.

Patsy claims she always has dinner ready and waiting for him when he gets home so that he doesn’t have to wait for his dinner or make it himself after a day of work.

She also goes on to say she makes sure to clean the entire house before he comes back.

“I always make sure the house has been cleaned from top to bottom to give him a calm environment to come home to.” Writes Patsy in the video.

At the end of the day when her husband comes home, Patsy continues to help her partner out.

She said: “I wash his uniform as soon as he gets home so it is clean for the next day.”

But people in the comments were split about how many chores she was doing for her partner.

The top liked comment read: “I always make sure I am asleep before my boyfriend gets back from work.”

One user wrote: “I pander to my boyfriend because I’m scared he will leave me if I don’t. Yeah great.”

Another user responded: “Are you from the 50’s!!”

Patsy defended herself in the comments saying: “I wouldn’t make the effort for a man who didn’t deserve it, he treats me amazingly it is the least I can do.”

And lots of people showed their support for Patsy in the comments.

One user wrote: “This is goals, partners look after one another. I’m sure the effort goes both ways (at least hopefully it does.)”

Another person commented: “Why is everyone against her doing this? Do you know a relationship works with both people? Take care of each other not just one way round.”

“These comments are ridiculous, nothing wrong with caring and doing nice things for your partner/husband.” Wrote a third user.

Her list of tasks divided opinion


Her list of tasks divided opinionCredit: baby_doll_2020

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