‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Preview: Is Kimberly Leaving Matt?

The second episode of the new season of I Love A Mama’s Boy airs Sunday night. Yet, the latest preview is leaving viewers wondering what’s going on with Matt and Kim. There is already internet speculation the couple has gone their separate ways. From the looks of what’s to come, mama Kelly may be the cause of enough tension to make Kim have second thoughts about everything.

Trouble In I Love A Mama’s Boy Paradise

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This is the second season viewers have watched Matt’s too close for comfort relationship with Kelly. He has acquiesced more times than Kim can count. However, her love for her fiance has superseded anything. Thus, she agreed to move in with his parents when their apartment burned down. During this time, his family is helping them build a home.

While it should be Matt and Kim’s dream house, Kelly is sharing her input everywhere. Additionally, their wedding is being hijacked by the mother of the groom, as well. She not only wants to read a poem but officiate the nuptials. Since the two are staying at Kelly’s home, it seems like she always wants to spend time with them. As Matt was working out, she joined them to compliment him on his physique.

Kelly also enjoys bringing him his protein shakes and babying her son. This is getting to be too much for Kim. Rumors are flying that they have split since the show wrapped. She is no longer seen wearing her ring on social media while Matt’s Instagram is set to private. The two also have not posted a photo together since early 2020. Could this week’s episode be the beginning of the end?

Is Kimberly Leaving Matt and His Mama?

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Matt and Kelly are seen talking about their rituals. They like to drink tea a few nights a week and whiten their teeth. Matt comments how Kim tends to join them but Kelly jumps in and disputes this. She notes Kim often stays in her room. Flash forward to Kim video chatting on her computer with her friend, Danielle. She needs someone to vent to. Kim has big news.

She loves her job so much and was offered the opportunity to move to Austin for a year. It is a huge deal for her and a chance to expand her career. Danielle tells her to go for it. Out in the living room, Matt and Kelly are doing light therapy for a genetic skin condition Kelly suffers from. Back to Kim. Her friend asks if she would even want to return home if she leaves for work.

Kim admits this could make or break their relationship. Followers of the show had plenty to say based on the preview. “Sorry Kim, there’s no room for you left between Matt and his Mommy. Please save yourself,” one commented. Another followed up with: “Take it and never look back.”

What do you think Kim will do? Don’t miss I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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