‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: August 29

I Love A Mama’s Boy is back for Season 2 on TLC. Three couples from round one are back to continue their stories. Additionally, two new couples have joined the cast to share their mama’s boy misadventures. It is anybody’s guess where this season will take the ten participants and their mothers. However, it is bound to be filled with a lot of drama and misadventures.

Matt and Kim Return To I Love A Mama’s Boy

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This couple has been dating for four years and engaged for six months. They met on a dating app and it was his first serious relationship. The engagement was magical until he FaceTimed his mom and she was frustrated she was not in attendance. Unfortunately, their lives took a turn when the apartment they lived in burned down. Matt and Kim moved into a converted basement and his parents offered to build them a home.

Sadly, COVID delayed the construction so it looks like they will be there longer than anticipated. On to that wedding stress and it’s not the most desirable situation. Kelly does everything for Matt. She is almost like the perfect wife in mom form. Behind Kim’s back, Matt gave Kelly authority to do some decorating. Others involved think Kelly has too much say in everything. It is a lot to unpack and Matt is clearly not stopping it.

Tracy and Bryan Finally Tie The Knot

After a decade, this couple is finally tying the knot. They met in college yet Tracy was already a mom of one. She was nervous to tell him she had a baby at seventeen. He did not step away but rather stepped up and they decided to have another. Marriage was a guarantee for the duo. Enter another addition- Bryan’s mother, Jayne. He is currently a remote senior account executive. This allows him to spend time with his mama, who cooks for him and does his laundry while he naps.

Jayne was a single mother, raising him in New York, working two jobs. As a teenager, Bryan found out his mom had non-Hodgkins lymphoma. This scared him because he could not lose the one person who was always there for him. Tracy arrives home from work and wants some coddling. Talk turns to the wedding but feels like it is no longer her day. Yes, Jayne is very helpful but she can also be around a bit too much. When is too much enough?

Emily and Shekeb Back For Round 2 On I Love A Mama’s Boy

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Laila is one extreme mama. She goes as far as to shave Shekeb’s back and cut his nails. Currently, they are living together and she is open about her disdain for his ex, Emily. Seems like it was a mutual disdain. Laila does not trust Emily. Since Shekeb is her prince, she believes he deserves better. However, after the two broke up, he vowed to treat her much better.

The relationship has been kept secret but Laila is suspicious. When Emily and Shekeb broke up, Laila was determined to keep them apart. She never wanted him to live with Emily or really move out. Emily is hopeful they can get engaged. Unfortunately, Laila has no idea the couple is back together. His idea is Emily buys a gift for Laila’s bird. This will bring some happiness.

Emily believes the couple can have a great future if Laila can just own up to the negative things she said about her. That may or may not happen ever. Emily finally comes over and it shocks Laila. She is not happy at all even though she brings flowers. Laila finds Emily complicated but wants to understand knowing Shekeb loves her. The past needs to not be brought up. Laila says she is trouble and won’t apologize. Can they move on?

Tracy and Bryan’s Big Day

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It is time for the couple’s big day. Tracy is peeved that Bryan sprung Jayne getting her makeup done with the bridal party on Tracy at the last minute. She worries there won’t be enough time. Luckily, Bryan is paying for it so at least he is caring. This is a day he wants to share with his mom as much as everyone else. He believes he needs to repay her for all she did for him growing up.

Behind the scenes, Bryan decides to invite Jayne on the honeymoon. He does not know how Tracy will feel about this bomb. It is the wedding day and Tia knows she is marrying both Jayne and Bryan. After the wedding, Bryan is talking to one of Tracy’s friends, Asia. He casually mentions they will be going to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Bryan says he wants to bring their kids. Jayne mentions she is so excited to go.

Asia tells Tracy this news and she is blown away. Jayne has already taken so much of this wedding. It will not happen under her watch.

Kelly Tries To Plan The Wedding For Matt and Kim

Kim is tired of Kelly trying to constantly take over the wedding plans. She feels like she has no say in that or the house building. While they are outside and Matt is working out, Kelly shows up with a protein shake. She has a face mask on and she reminds Kim they are of a youthful stock. Additionally, she brags about how the pandemic has done wonders for Matt’s physique.

She then breaks out a poem. It was apparently something she had planned on reading at the wedding completely out of context. Kelly now says she wants to officiate the wedding and read a poem. Matt believes his job will be to referee the two women and say “I do” at the wedding. It ruins the whole vibe of the day. Will Kelly step aside or be a constant burden?

Can these relationships survive the mama’s boy curse? Find out on this season of I Love A Mama’s Boy Sunday nights on TLC.

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