‘I made fortune after going blonde – men give me so much attention nowadays’

A model believes blondes really do have more fun.

Danii Banks turned her naturally brown hair peroxide and hasn’t looked back since!

She says she gets much more attention since changing her ‘do – and the influencer has increased her salary too.

Danii, from Florida, US, said: “As a blonde I have way more fun than I ever did as a boring brunette.

“I love being blonde, it makes me feel spontaneous and sexy.

“People are just so much more friendly to blondes than brunettes. I get more smiles and strangers – of all ages and both men and women – strike up conversations with me.”

Danii Banks earns a fortune online thanks to her fans and male admirers

Danii added: “I think being blonde is seen as more approachable and therefore more opportunity for exciting and fun possibilities to happen.”

Even though the blonde bombshell credits her barnet for helping her to rake in the cash, she admits it can sometimes attract the “wrong kind of attention”.

The star, who has 6.9 million followers, admitted: “Sometimes it can be the wrong kind of attention from guys and girls.

“Often people think I’m dumb or a bimbo just because of the colour of my hair, although sometimes I play up to being stupid just to make fun of them.”

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Danii Banks
Danii loves her blonde locks and won’t be going back to her natural brunette any time soon

Danii isn’t the only influencer to be treated differently as a blonde.

Jodie Weston, who found fame on Rich Kids Go Skint, recently swapped her light locks for a brunette wig.

The 27-year-old was gobsmacked as men payed her less attention when she was out and about.

She admitted: “As a blonde, more people were eager to help me and I definitely got more ‘cat calls’ when I walked down the street.

“But as a brunette, I got a completely different calibre of guys chatting me up. It was more academic style guys but as a blonde, the men have always been more upfront and cocky.”


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